She may have become a mom at a young age, but that doesn’t mean Brianna Jaramillo doesn’t know how to raise her son. On Monday, March 9, the Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant star lashed out at mom-shamers offering their critiques — constructive or otherwise — after she posted a new photo of her son, Braeson. When fans took issue with the snacks he was eating, the mom let them know just what she thought of their feedback.

“Good morning,” Brianna, 19, wrote as she shared the photo, adding a smiley face and heart emoji. Addressing the parent police right off the bat, she continued, “His grapes are cut in [quarters], and I don’t see a problem with the blueberries. If it’s brought up again, comments will be turned off. I don’t need people trying to ‘help.’ It’s not helpful. I got it under control! Thanks. 😌”

Brianna Jaramillo Claps Back at Mom-Shamers on Instagram
Courtesy of Brianna Jaramillo/Instagram

The caption was seemingly shared in response to several since-deleted comments, though it’s not clear if they were deleted by their authors or Brianna herself. “Cut his grapes the long way,” one read. “FYI, you’re cutting the grapes wrong,” a second added. “If [you] cut the grapes the long way, it’s better,” read a third that somehow managed to survive the purge. “Those things … can lodge pretty easily in their throat. Had it happen to my little one.”

This isn’t the first time the star has dealt with shaming from her followers, either. Just a few days earlier, she faced off with a troll who made a fake page to tell her to “please take a shower.” Though they deleted all of their following comments, Brianna’s responses remained. “He’s my son,” she said in one about Braeson. “I’m [going to] raise him how I want.” In another, she continued, “You’re not his mom. Not s–t you can do about it.”

A couple of weeks earlier, she got feedback about her son’s car seat. “That headrest needs to be raised [and] he should still be rear-facing,” a fan wrote. “It’s still so much safer to be [rear-facing] as long as possible.” The mom clapped back, “He [is] not rear-facing because 1) he’s 2 and 2) he gets car sick. And the headrest is perfectly fine. Get over it. … His doctor said once he turns 2, he can be [front-facing]. So if you’re not his doctor, then [I don’t care] what you have to say.”

It’s clear the star has simply reached her limit. Hopefully her followers will keep that in mind going forward.


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