She’s joining the Teen Mom sisterhood! Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant added two new young women to its lineup for its second season, and one of them is Kiaya Elliott. But who is Kiaya? And what can we expect to see of her story on the MTV show?

Who Is Kiaya Elliott?

Kiaya is one of the new members of the Young and Pregnant cast as of its second season. Former Teen Mom franchise star Lexi Tatman was cut from the series, and Kiaya took her place.

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup reported that Kiaya had her son, Amour, in December 2018, and she explains in the video above that she was 18 years old when she got pregnant. In her introduction video, she was four months pregnant with her son, so she was technically a teen mom but legally an adult when she gave birth to her child.

Who Is Kiaya Elliott New Teen Mom Young and Pregnant
Courtesy of Kiaya Elliott/Instagram

Where Is Kiaya From?

Kiaya lives in Norfolk, Virginia. The other girls in the series appear to be from the West Coast or midwest. However, the other new mom is from Tennessee.

Did Kiaya Want to Be a Mom?

Kiaya expressed in her video intro that she’s “scared” for her child, and it doesn’t seem like this pregnancy was part of her plan. “I guess I can do nothing but brace myself for it, though,” she said.

Is Kiaya Bisexual?

Kiaya addressed her sexuality in her intro clip. “I identify as bisexual,” she explained. “But I don’t really like to put a name on it. Because it’s more of a, ‘I like what I like,’ type of thing.

Who Is Kiaya Elliott New Teen Mom Young and Pregnant

Is Kiaya With the Father of Her Child?

Kiaya is not in a relationship with Zay, the 16-year-old whom she shares Amour with. They met through a mutual friend but were never officially together, she noted. Sadly, he went to jail not long after she found out she was pregnant, and she explained in the video that he is still incarcerated and “waiting on trial to see how long his sentence is going to be.”

Is Kiaya in a Relationship?

Just because Kiaya isn’t with her baby’s father, that doesn’t mean she isn’t seeing someone. In the video, viewers met Teazha, Kiaya’s girlfriend. Kiaya explained that her mom isn’t happy with her for being in a relationship with Teazha — not because she doesn’t approve of her daughter having a girlfriend, but because she thinks Kiaya’s child having a father and his mom also having a girlfriend will be “confusing” for the kid.

But Teazha seems open to being there for Kiaya through the pregnancy. And Kiaya said in the clip, “I don’t want anybody coming in and out of the baby’s life. If you wanna be here, I want you to be here throughout it all. Or don’t be here at all … I’m not forcing you to be in the baby’s life because you don’t have to, that’s not your place. But if you’re going to be in the baby’s life, all I ask is that you stay.”

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