It was not easy to watch the season finale of Teen Mom OG on Monday night — and that is because Ryan Edwards appeared to be driving under the influence on the way to his wedding with his now-wife, Mackenzie Standifer, in the passenger seat of his car.

The troubled reality star was noticeably nodding off at the wheel and while the mother-of-one did her best to keep him alert, at one point she turned off the cameras and asked Ryan if he “took Xanax again.”

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MTV has received a ton of backlash for failing to intervene during the terrifying ordeal, and has a released a statement regarding the incident, which is featured in the video below.

And that’s not all — a producer has also come forward to explain why at the time of the incident, the production crew could not intervene.

“The reason the producers didn’t stop Ryan from driving after he was seen nodding off is because the producers would not have been able to see him nodding off. That footage (and almost all car footage) is captured on Go-Pro cameras installed on the dashboard. We do not have a live feed to watch the cast in their car, despite what some viewers think. We do not have live eyes on them the whole time we’re filming them,” the unidentified source told The Ashley’s Reality Roundup.

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“That footage is captured and watched a few days later after the producers and crew get home from the shoot. It’s edited in later. When things happen in the car, we don’t know about it until the cast tells us, or when we watch the footage later on.”

“In the case of Ryan, he or Mackenzie would have had to alert us to watch the footage ASAP. We wouldn’t have seen it happen as it was filmed. Obviously, Mackenzie unplugged the GoPros, which isn’t really allowed, but we wouldn’t even know she turned them off until later when we watched the footage.”

ryan edwards drugs

The source also added that everyone involved does care about the well-being of the cast mates and other people — not to mention, their careers would be on the line if something did wind up happening.

“Had Ryan been, for instance, falling asleep or acting erratic right before getting in the car, and a crew member saw it, we have to report it and intervene. Not only would the show be liable if something happened, but that producer on set would have absolutely lost their job, and possibly so would any crew members. We are not allowed to watch something illegal take place and not intervene.”

Ryan has since completed a stint in rehab and assured his fans and loved ones he is doing very well.

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