It’s complicated. Teen Mom 2 star Ashley Jones confirmed her second pregnancy with husband Bariki “Bar” Smith on September 2, 2022, after fellow Teen Mom: The Next Chapter star Briana DeJesus publicly claimed she was expecting. The reality star’s second time around, however, has been full of ups and downs. Keep scrolling to find out everything we know about Ashley Jones’ pregnancy. 

When Did ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Ashley Jones Confirm Her Pregnancy?

Reports first surfaced in September 2022 that Briana and her mother, Roxanne DeJesus, as well as Ashley and her mom, Tea Chapple, were all asked to leave after an argument that turned physical during filming for Teen Mom: Family Reunion season 2.

Following the altercation, Ashley took to her Instagram Stories to address the situation, confirming her pregnancy

“Let’s be clear, I walked past both Roxy and Briana in the hotel or three days before we were moved to the Z resort for filming, and they didn’t say a word,” Ashley, 25, wrote on September 2, 2022, referring to the alleged altercation between her, Briana, 28, and their mothers. “And as for me being pregnant, yes, I am.”

Earlier that day, Briana took to her Instagram Stories to open up about the drama between them. “I was going to keep this under wraps because that is a part of the [non-disclosure agreement] we all signed and also because I am going to press charges,” Briana wrote. “I tried to spare you extra grief knowing that you’re pregnant now, but I am going to stand by what is right,” she added.

Brianna DeJesus and Jenelle Evans Address the Season 2 Altercation

Following the physical altercation, Bri’s Instagram Story also seemingly confirmed the reports as she wrote that her mom “simply addressed an issue.” 

“Instead of ‘Pastor’ Tea taking FULL accountability, she couldn’t handle being in the hot seat and projected and tried to step to my mother,” the mother of two added on September 2, 2022. “Everything else doesn’t even matter at this point. Your true actions shined bright that night and now every castmate that was there (who also witnessed what happened) will vouch for me. Stop lying. #LetTheClipPlay.” 

Teen Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans who recently made an appearance during Teen Mom: The Next Chapter – chimed in and added fuel to the fire via her own Instagram Story. 

“Spitting on someone is assault and then self defense is legal in lots of states after that happens. Just sayin’,” she shared on September 2, 2022. “Not to mention, throwing fists while pregnant? Maybe you need to worry about your own family and kids,” she added.

While Jenelle was not present during the alleged altercation, she made it clear that her comments were directed at the former Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant star. 

“Let me be clear … I am responding to Ashley’s comments,” Jenelle added.

For her part, the California native – who shares daughter Holly Isabella with husband Bar – seemingly doubled down on her and her mother’s behavior. 

“If you come for my mom and physically try [to] attack her or push up on her, I will always step in,” she wrote via her Instagram Story the same day. “You get what you get, cause to me, you’ve started a war.”

Catelynn Baltierra Seemingly Admits She ‘Leaked’ News of Ashley’s Pregnancy

Prior to the altercation airing in January 2023, Teen Mom star Catelynn Baltierra seemingly admitted she was the one who leaked Ashley’s pregnancy — as she witnessed the fight between Ashley and Briana and was one of only two people who knew Ashley was expecting her second child at the time. 

After witnessing the physical altercation, the reality TV alum revealed via Twitter that she “decided to let Jade know about Ashley being pregnant so that everyone would at least know.”

‘Teen Mom’- Is Ashley Jones Pregnant With Baby No. 2?
Courtesy of Catelynn Baltierra/Twitter

“Was it right of me to tell Jade about Ashley being pregnant? No! But honestly, I never thought Ashley would ever get physical and take that kind of risk with someone knowing she’s pregnant,” the MTV personality wrote on January 17, 2023. “So all I know, is that if I was ever trying to fight some girl, I’d want to know if she’s pregnant or not!”

“If I had a friend who I knew was hiding a pregnancy, and she didn’t have control of her emotions and was about to get in a physical altercation with someone, you best believe I’d be running up there screaming at everyone involved ‘She’s pregnant! Don’t touch her,’” she concluded.

Is Teen Mom’s Ashley Jones Still Pregnant?

Two months after confirming her pregnancy news, Ashley hinted at a miscarriage after revealing that she was “processing.” 

“I know you guys are wondering but I’m not in a space to disclose that,” Ashley responded to a fan asking about her pregnancy via TikTok on November 7, 2022, according to screenshots shared by The Sun. “Thank you for being concerned.”

Following season 2 of Teen Mom: Family Reunion, Ashley opened up about her pregnancy to Coach B during the Aftermath special, which aired on February 21.

“I’m sad to say we actually had a miscarriage,” she said after being asked how her pregnancy was going. “So we won’t be having a little one.”

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