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The Ultra Soft Shirts for all the Ways You Move

Isn’t it just exhausting? You shop for your yoga clothes or clothing you’ll wear throughout your everyday activities, and they cost beyond what you wish to spend while delivering far less than expected. Those days are gone.

Trust us; we get it. You want to feel put together and stylish while you get your zen on, but sometimes you have to choose between clothing that looks great or clothing that feels great. We found the solution so you will not have to choose any longer. The downward-dog-days are over!

Invest your energy and your time on the mat and out of the dressing room. Forget the sweaty spots, the strap adjustments, and scratchy materials, and try the most comfortable shirt collection out there.

tasc Performance created an ultra-soft collection for ALL the ways you move. These shirts deliver what you want and what you’ve never had in well-rounded women’s activewear — comfort, perfect fit, versatility, and an incredible look. Thanks to the bamboo fabric blend, these tops are breathable, moisture-wicking, and, most importantly, soft and comfortable. Better yet, they have all these qualities without the need for additional chemical treatments, so they’re better for the environment, too.

Try the NOLA Yoga Tank (and its cropped counterpart, the NOLA Crop Tank) for a hot summer day, or wear the NOLA Fitness T-Shirt for some more coverage on the shoulders with the same solid fit. Pull out the NOLA Long Sleeve T-Shirt for those chillier days. This shirt collection translates seamlessly from your workout to the juice bar, and even to those last few errands that you have to run. The versatility is endless.

Give the NOLA Collection a try for yourself. You will never look back — we haven’t!

tasc Performances

How the NOLA Essential Collection Will Serve You While You Serve Looks

How will the NOLA Collection change the game for you? Well, in several ways, and not just by creating a change and making an impact on the planet and the clothing industry.

The NOLA Yoga Tank will completely eliminate the frustration that accompanies finding fitness wear, and it’s so comfortable and versatile that it will allow you to handle everything that your day throws your way. This unbeatable tank was created with a high-performance fabric blend and a slightly relaxed fit that is perfect for layering anywhere that you go. You can rock it not only to the yoga studio, but also to the gym, while you are running your errands, or even while you travel for your comfiest flight yet.

The high crew neck, scalloped bottom hem, and relaxed A-line fit will flatter any and all body shapes and sizes. It fits just right and falls at the perfect length, which truly makes it the best fitting tank. Better yet, you can wear it in multiple ways—tie it up for a cropped, sporty look, or wear it long and loose for a bit of bum coverage. Stop sweating all of the small stuff. While you serve looks in your new favorite, fierce tank, tasc Performance will serve the planet.

We guarantee that you will reach for the best-selling line time after time. It offers an all-around perfect fit and flattering fall, which will leave you feeling fierce, confident, carefree, and ready to take on the world and conquer your to-do list. After you try this sustainable NOLA collection staple and experience the versatility and comfort, you will only look forward.

Or for cooler weather, take advantage of the sleeve length offered by the NOLA Long Sleeve T-Shirt. You can also add some spice to your outfit with the NOLA V-Neck T-Shirt, and layer it up with the NOLA Jacket. Each piece features the same quality material, comfortable fit, and stylish look that will have you falling head over heels.

Try the only tank you’ll ever need: the NOLA Yoga tank.

The Story of the Most Comfortable Shirt Collection

tasc Performance, a passionate company that supports the production of functional clothing in a sustainable, responsible way, believes in selling a lifestyle. Accountability for nurturing the planet, along with keeping their team and production responsible while making the absolute best fitness clothing, is a promise tasc continues to keep. The roots of the brand are located in Louisiana, specifically in New Orleans. After becoming fed up with the typical production methods and standards within the fashion industry, tasc realized that they needed to become a part of the solution in creating extremely comfortable clothing that also performs the way you need.

The company stopped settling and decided to create a different approach to the usual performance garment production. Instead of the use of completely synthetic materials that make up most of the market’s activewear garments, they left these petrochemicals behind and opted to go for a natural option: bamboo.

tasc Performances

tasc’s Commitment to Quality Fabrics

The bamboo fabric uses viscose, which is made of fibers that are found among bamboo plants, as well as organic cotton to make an overall improved feel. Delivering absolutely no added harmful chemicals or enhancements and only a complete feeling of luxury makes it better for you and better for the earth.

Going above and beyond, tasc Performance has taken the last 12 years to bring more than 15 separate fabrics to their line, which are totally unique in their textures, in their different weights, and with the unique blends in each of them. Rather than banking on fabrics and materials that are outsourced, tasc decided to blaze a path using natural materials with a more intuitive approach, which will ultimately have a more long-term effect for you and the planet.

By considering all factors of the environment and the production of clothing, tasc’s goal is and has always been to bridge the gap between clothing and sustainability.

The incorporation of superior breathability and moisture-wicking technology, as well as an odor defense method, is only a small part of tasc Performance fabrics. The Bamboo Performance Technology also incorporates a UPF 50+ sun protection, without the need for any additional chemical treatment. The NOLA collection combines components like these with its dynamic and unique design, resulting in endless wearability, any place, at any time.

It takes time to be better, and tasc truly believes you can look stylish and classic while still focusing on quality, long-lasting materials.

Learn more about tasc’s production methods and commitment to the environment here.

tasc’s Commitment to Sustainability Moves Beyond the Environment: They Care About People, too.

Obviously, mental and physical health, along with staying active, is important to you. You care about your health in all ways, and the tasc family is the same way.

tasc Performance is prioritizing your overall health as well as the planet’s overall health. The brand’s relentless innovation and well-thought-out production methods are truly incomparable. As a total powerhouse for sustainability, the tasc Performance factory works responsibly every day.

The tasc factory is located in India. Serving as a hub for eco-friendly activity, they set standards with sustainability, and these are some examples of how they do so:

  • The power used in running their sewing and knitting facilities is 100% generated with wind and solar power.
  • The water that’s used in the tasc factory is completely recovered and is then treated and reused. By using a closed-loop process, they are able to keep the treated water out of the ecosystem, reusing 99%.
  • Most of tasc Performance’s products are created from organic materials, leaving them natural fiber dominant.

Additionally, tasc gives a great amount of attention and care to the surrounding communities. tasc’s founding family has a strong relationship with the family-owned facility located in India, and they’re an extremely tight-knit bunch.

After deciding to pioneer with the fairest and most empowering practices possible in their factory, their factory has created an 18% increase in the local average wages in their community in India. Other benefits include healthcare for employees and their families, and they further support employees with subsidized housing and food.

tasc Performance supports their factory employees and provides them with benefits, as well as placing a major emphasis on growth inside of the company. Integrating skill developments with consistent advancement, they have weekly events that center around team building as well as local culture in their community. There’s always recognition and training incorporated for the disabled, which provides equal opportunities to all members of the community.

tasc’s whole crew is dedicated to building a strong community while also working towards a healthier planet. Join their mission in doing better while you’ll be feeling better in your brand new NOLA top, whichever one you might choose.

How to Try the tasc NOLA Collection That We’re Loving

The NOLA Collection can be purchased online.

You’ll have sizing options from XS up to an XL. When you see up to 10 color options to choose from, don’t stress picking the perfect color because we bet that you’ll try more than one color once you feel how fabulous these tops really are.

You also have the option to sign up for a mailing list with your email address for a discount on your first purchase, and you’ll be the first to know about any sales coming your way. Plus, tasc offers the added bonus of quick free shipping if you spend $100 or more. They make it as easy as possible to stock up on your new favorite NOLA tops or buy some other items to go with them.

The tasc Performance NOLA Shirt Collection Is What You’ve Been Looking for

Life is constantly throwing things your way, and your daily activities require all of your time and attention. Quit wasting your days searching far and wide for the functional, comfortable, and fashionable athletic wear you need. Once the NOLA shirt of your choosing slips over your back, you’ll never want to take it off.

Join the tasc Performance family today and enjoy the world’s most comfortable shirts along the way.

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