With just two episodes left of Survivor: Nicaragua, it's still anyone's guess who will walk away a million dollars richer. But one contestant who won't be is 24- year-old LA club promoter Ben "Benry" Henry, who found himself blindsided at last night's tribal council and voted out. "I was a threat and I knew it," Benry tells In Touch.

One thing Benry didn't do was leave the game hungry. Bitter about losing a reward challenge (see interview for his reasoning), Benry returned to camp and decided to make a feast of Jane's pet chicken Kelly-Nay, a decision that may have helped seal his fate. Still, despite being shafted by those he trusted most in the game, Benry is thrilled to have spent 32 days hanging with the people he did. "I met some people I will remain in contact with. There is a lot of downtime so you get to hear people's stories and know them well."

Benry also tells In Touch that no matter how harsh the monsoonal conditions got in Nicaragua, there was no way he'd have quit. "I could never quit, but in those first seven days part of me thought there is no amount of money worth what I am going through now," he admits. "But like I said, winners never quit and quitters never win. I have never quit anything, it's not me as a person."

He's also enjoyed sharing his weekly Survivor experience with his friends back home. "Last night was tough to watch," he laughs. "But I did with a bunch of friends at my sports bar, like we did every Wednesday. I thought it was a great episode as nobody knew who would be going home, but the most fun part was not telling my girlfriend or parents how I did. I was looking forward to seeing as many people's expressions as I could. They all clapped for me at the end, I took a little bow and ducked out of the game."

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Name: Ben "Benry" Henry
Age: 24
Eliminated: December 8

A lot of the players have mixed feelings on the conditions in Nicaragua, how was it for you?
Benry: It was BRUTAL and they didn't show just how bad it was. Sure they showed rainstorms and the flood, but it was a rainforest in peak rain season! There were times it would rain for two or three days on end with no chance of sunlight. You couldn't boil your water or start a fire, it was miserable for sure. It was the hardest thing I have ever done and that first week in the game I thought, 'What the hell have you gotten yourself into Benry? These are some of the longest and most miserable nights of your entire life.' In fact the first nights I tried to sleep in a chest that we had for fishing gear. I tried to crawl into it. No matter what you did, nothing kept you dry.

If you could do it again, is there anything you would change?
Benry: There are so many cudda/wudda/shudda's in this game. But you can't look back and say that. The experience was amazing and I am very proud of myself. I was a threat and I knew it, so I take that as a compliment, and while there are things I could have done different I am not going to lose sleep over them.

After losing the reward challenge last night you killed Jane's chicken. Was that just out of spite?
Benry: Some of it definitely was spite. I am a competitive person and I made it to the final two in that reward challenge against Chase. I was determined to win and did not handle losing too well. Chase had actually told me, they didn't show it, but like he told Sash, he looked me in the eye and said, 'If I win I'll take you on the reward, and vice versa.' So I was pissed at Chase, pissed I didn't win, and was absolutely starving. I pictured them eating at a resort and figured why not have a feast for us. Jane said she knew she'd come back to an empty coop. And I was a very significant part of winning the chickens. I was on the tribe that won them, Jane was not, and so I had no problem eating it. I cracked up at the memorial service she had though.

We saw her complain on air about it, but it appeared she said nothing to you. Was she mad at you?
Benry: She never said anything! She never asked who killed it and freaked out. I saw she made the headstone for it from sticks and she mentioned she'd said a little prayer, but that was all. I didn't know she was crying and it had affected her that much, or that she was the chicken whisperer.

Did doing the show change you in any way?
Benry: Coming back was tough. My cell phone was glued to my hand for my business in LA. Survivor opened my eyes to a lot of things. I bought a lot home with me. I did go straight to Denver, as I couldn't wait to see my parents. It makes you see a lot of what you take for granted. I made a list of things I wanted to do when I got back, like read more, take more time to relax and I have done a lot of the things on that list. It changed my life and was a priceless experience. I don't think there is anything I can't accomplish now.

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