It’s hard to believe Suri Cruise’s life could be anything close to normal when her parents are such huge stars, but an insider tells In Touch she’s just a regular kid. Despite being the daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, she acts a lot like any other teen. And right now, that means she’s as obsessed with viral videos and having crushes as the rest of us were at her age. While chatting with In Touch, a source close to the celebrity kid dished about everything she’s into.

“Suri’s parents may be famous, and she may be photographed a lot, but she’s still a very grounded girl,” they shared about the teen. “She loves hanging out with her girlfriends, listening to music, dancing, watching TikTok videos, following her favorite social media stars. And, of course, talking about cute boys they like.”

Over the years, fans have watched Suri, 13, grow up into a mini version of her mom. Her relationship with her dad hasn’t been as easy. Recently, however, a source told In Touch the Mission Impossible actor wants to reconnect with his daughter. In November, they shared Tom, 57, had been through a “dramatic shift” and was hoping to get to know his daughter again “before it’s too late.”

“He saw a photo of Suri looking all grown up, and it changed everything,” the insider said. “With Katie single again, and Suri not having a father figure in her life, it’s the perfect opportunity to reach out.” The source claimed the timing just feels “right” for the action star. “Tom has sacrificed the most important things in his life for Scientology,” they continued. “If he ever were to escape Scientology, it would be because of his daughter.”

In the meantime, Katie, 40, will always be there for Suri. This Christmas, they’re planning on spending the holidays with the rest of the Holmes clan. “She gets a lot of love from Katie’s side of the family,” a source told In Touch in December. “Just because Katie’s a single mom, there’s no lack of big, joyful family gatherings.”

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