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Escalating demand for more eco-friendly products and sustainably made designs is something that has become more prominent in nearly all industries over the past several years. However, an industry that may not be top-of-mind when considering sustainability factors is the global electric scooter and motorcycle industry. Electric bikes are great for the environment and great for the rider, too.

According to Sustainability Times, some of the primary advantages of electric bikes include lowered carbon emissions, less overall hassle and healthier lifestyle routines. One particular company that is setting the precedent for electric bikes is European brand Stark Future — a company with a mission to lead the motorcycle industry in terms of sustainability by radically reducing carbon emissions and plastic pollution.  Stark Future aims to bring about this change from the production process until the bikes are on the road.

The company is based just outside of Barcelona, also known as the motorcycle capital and electric vehicle hub of Europe. The brand’s very first product to hit the market, the Stark VARG, launched with a record-shattering 56 million U.S. dollars in the first month alone. The bike’s battery life of six hours rivals a traditional motorcycle’s full tank of gas in terms of riding time, but with a much more eco-friendly approach. In fact, the VARG’s battery emits zero of the listed pollutants that traditional motocross bikes let off.

The Stark VARG boasts an 80 horse power figure and weighs in at 242 pounds — the traditional motorcycle weighs an average of 700 pounds. “We set a very clear target – let’s build an electric bike that outperforms all gas competitors,” said Stark Future’s Head of Communications Benjamin Cobb. “That way, sustainability is not the only selling point, if you want ultimate performance. Sustainability is the way to go, as there is no compromise.”

With these modern upgrades to the bike, the VARG performs at a 30 percent higher overall performance rate than the standard bike. The charging time takes just one to two hours, and there are more than one hundred riding modes to use. The bike, which is expected to ship in April 2023, is the perfect ride for both motorcycle savants or the everyday joy-rider.

“The VARG generates zero CO2 emissions and uses less plastics than any other full size motocross bike,” explained Cobb. “We will continue to also reduce CO2 emissions in production and transport and find ways to reduce the use of plastic even further.”

Follow along Stark Future’s journey here, and check out the Stark VARG, also known as the future of electric two-wheelers.

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