Kiki, say you love him already! Sophia Abraham is the latest celebrity to try out the “In My Feelings” challenge, inspired by Drake‘s hot new single. However, this time fans are upset because Farrah Abraham seemingly let her daughter show off her dancing skills near a moving car. Watch the video above to see why the drama started!

“So she’s driving and filming, while her daughter dances next to said moving car? WTF,” one person wrote on Reddit, while another added: “Some dude got hit by a car doing this last month. Idiot was in the middle of the street though. Sophia is probably fine on the curb. Still not the safest thing in the world.” Several were calling out Farrah, even though we don’t see her, and speculating that she videotaped her daughter trying out the biggest Internet trend.

“As far as Farrah’s parenting is concerned, it doesn’t shock me that she’s filming Sophia doing the latest fad,” one commented, as the heated debate continued. A few even pointed out how the video was actually not a big deal. “This is one of the least problematic moments in Sophia’s life tbh,” a different fan chimed in. Not long ago, the former Teen Mom OG star responded to backlash over the crop top she allowed her nine-year-old daughter to wear.

“Sophia owns her own store is very fashionable. She loves expressing herself with fashion and makeup, and she picks out her outfits,” the 27-year-old revealed to In Touch exclusively on July 24. Farrah added, “It’s Summer, so Sophia, to me, wearing a hoodie is very covered. Proud of my daughter and her Glam lifestyle.” Farrah has been ignoring the nay-sayers as she prepares for her highly anticipated boxing match against Flavor of Love star Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander set for Nov. 10, so we doubt she’ll pay any mind to them — especially now! 

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