Coming to an end? Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown admitted she is “questioning” her marriage to husband Kody Brown during a confessional in the Sunday, December 4, episode. 

“I never thought I’d be in a place where I would be questioning my relationship, but the last few years, I’ve began to wonder if we’re compatible anymore [sic],” the Plexus ambassador, 53, said during a teaser clip. “Maybe this doesn’t work anymore for me, I don’t know.” 

She then explained during her confessional that she has “made decisions for [herself]” throughout her and Kody’s relationship.  

“You cannot depend on your husband to meet all of your needs,” she added. However, Janelle then explained how she and the businessman, 53, weren’t seeing eye to eye when it came to his strict COVID-19 rules for the household and mentioned his alleged favoritism toward fourth wife Robyn Brown

“All I’m hearing is Robyn is perfect. Robyn is great. Robyn treats me the way I’m supposed to be treated,” the TLC personality added. “Everybody’s gotta conform. That’s not what I signed up for.” 

Sister Wives' Janelle Brown Celebrates Thanksgiving Without Husband Kody Brown Amid Split Rumors

In response, Kody labeled Janelle’s behavior as a “lack of respect” toward him and his “desire to protect the family.”

“That’s my invitation to you is to get to a place where you and I have that kind of loyalty,” the family patriarch said during a conversation with Janelle. “And we negotiate, and we work out these things like a married couple.” 

After Janelle noted it felt “wild” to her that he doesn’t think she has been loyal, Kody replied, “Maybe this is not a good fit, maybe this doesn’t work.” 

“I feel like somehow maybe we lost something,” Janelle concluded. 

In a separate clip from the upcoming episode, though, Janelle insisted to Kody that he is her “best friend” and the “person [she wants] to tell everything to.” However, Kody wondered whether they “know how to be real about things with each other.”  

“You gotta know it too,” he said. “There’s something fundamentally wrong here. Is this just what the human condition is?”

Nevertheless, both noted they weren’t giving up on their marriage, despite Kody saying he felt “rejected” by Janelle because of her “choosing to have a [relationship with Christine [Brown] instead.

Christine, 50, and Kody split in November 2021 after 25 years of spiritual marriage. While he is still married to Janelle, Robyn, 43, and Meri Brown, the Cooking With Just Christine star’s departure caused a major shakeup in the family dynamic. Not only that, but the former sister wife and Janelle’s close friendship has become another point of division among the polygamous group. 

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