Gymnast Simone Biles has talked a lot about being adopted by her grandparents at the age of 6. She also has two adopted brothers in addition to her three siblings — sisters Adria and Ashley and brother Tevin Biles-Thomas, who shockingly was connected to a triple murder in 2019. Learn all about the gold medalist’s loved ones below.

Her Adoptive Parents

Ron and Nellie Biles are Simone’s adoptive parents, and they also happen to be her grandparents. Back in 2017, the four-time Olympic gold medalist spoke candidly about Ron and Nellie, who also adopted her sister, Adria, in 2003 after discovering they were in foster care. Ashley and Tevin were reportedly adopted by Ron’s sister, Harriett.

“Growing up, my biological mom was suffering from drug and alcohol abuse and she was in and out of jail,” Simone said during her time on Dancing With The Stars. “I never had a mom to run to. I do remember always being hungry and afraid. At 3 years old, I was placed in foster care … Whenever we had visits with my grandpa, I was so excited.”

Tevin’s Legal Troubles

The active military member was arrested in August 2019 in Fort Stewart, Georgia, after a fatal shooting during a party at an Airbnb in Cleveland resulted in the deaths of three men: Devaughn Gibson, 23, DelVaunte Johnson, 19, and Toshon Banks, 21. As far as what happened, authorities said there was a heated dispute at the New Years’ Eve party after a group of men arrived at the gathering uninvited. This led to a fight breaking out around 11:45 p.m. on December 31 after they arrived.

Simone Biles Brother Tevin Charged Triple Murder
Courtesy of Simone Biles/Twitter

In May 2021, a judge in Ohio declared a mistrial in Tevin’s murder trial after jurors said they had read legal paperwork that inadvertently was included in evidence given to them to review, USA Today reported. He had pleaded not guilty.

“All 12 jurors told the judge during their third day of deliberations … that copies of legal briefs from Tevin Biles-Thomas’ lawyers and prosecutors arguing over whether Biles-Thomas might have acted in self-defense had influenced them. It was not clear how the paperwork ended up with the evidence,” the outlet reported. Tevin was acquitted of all charges in June 2021 when his case was dismissed.

Her Other Siblings

Simone has two sisters, Adria and Ashley, in addition to her brother, Tevin. She also ended up with two more half-siblings when her grandparents adopted her: Ron Jr. and Adam Biles (who were formerly her uncles). She refers to Ron Jr. and Adam as her brothers.

Her Biological Father and Mother

Simone’s biological father, Kelvin Clemons, was never in the picture and her mother, Shanon Biles, previously spoke out about being forced to give up her children for adoption.

Simone Biles Family Nellie and Ronald
Roland Hoskins/Associated Newspapers/Shutterstock

“It was hard to give up my kids, but I had to do what I had to. I wasn’t able to care for them,” she said during a 2016 interview with the Daily Mail. “I was still using, and he didn’t want me coming in and out of their lives when I wasn’t right.”

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