It’s hard to believe that it’s been 23 years since the incredibly talented Selena Quintanilla was murdered. Her former fan club president turned killer Yolanda Saldivar still sits behind bars at the Mountain View Unit prison in Texas, but many fans are curious what she looks like today. 

Yolanda was 35 years old when she was arrested for Selena’s slaying. To this day, she swears she has a “clear conscience” because the shooting was an “accident,” but many fans (and the courts) disagree. Now, she’s 57 years old. She looks very similar, still very small at four feet, eight inches, with brown eyes. Her years are showing in the wrinkles around her eyes, and her once-brown hair is getting more gray. 

There have been many fake stories about Yolanda over the years that she has been in prison. One, in 2015, claimed that Yolanda had been found dead in her prison cell. Later reports cleared up that she was still very much alive. Then in 2014, a “parody” news site reported that she would be released in 2015, and many people believed it and were outraged. In reality, Yolanda will not be eligible for parole until 2025, forty years after the killing. 

Perhaps people are so curious about Yolanda’s current appearance because there’s a new Spanish-language biographical series called Secret of Selena premiering on TNT on Sept. 23. Actress Damayanti Quintanar opened up about the preparation it took to play the killer, and it had dramatic negative effects on her health. She told Expansion that she developed thyroid problems and elevated levels of triglycerides from gaining forty pounds for the role. 


Yolanda Saldivar, 2016 (Photo Credit: YouTube)

“Four months before recording the series, I started to go up and I felt alone in the process,” she said in the interview, which has been translated from Spanish. “I knew there was a reason, but it was not put into practice and I was very desperate, I felt very bad. Cholesterol is in order, but triglycerides and thyroid, no, although they are already accommodating.”