It's starting to become more and more clear how things got so bad for Ryan Edwards. Just before he was arrested on March 28, Ryan filmed the Teen Mom OG reunion, and he admitted that he stopped getting drug treatment aftert his stint in rehab because he was too famous to get help. Even Dr. Drew was like "Oh, please."

When Dr. Drew asked how Ryan's addiction battle is going in a sneak peek from The Ashleys, he said he was just calling his old therapist from time to time and leaning on his parents and wife Mackenzie Standifer. When the doc suggested that that's not what his rehab suggested for follow-up treatment, he said, "It’s honestly hard to find a counselor because of this TV show. [A counselor] was like, ‘I’m not gonna see you because I don’t think the TV show and you are a good idea.'"

Dr. Drew's BS meter went crazy. "What about going to 12-step?" he questioned. Ryan kind of shrugged off the question, and his wife stepped in to defend his (horrible) choices. "That was really hard," she insisted. "They just said that addicts are selfish, and Ryan is selfish and the show makes Ryan selfish so he couldn’t be a part of the group unless he quit his job [of being on the show]."

"I know lots of people who are in all kinds of television and movie positions and still manage to easily find people who are in a position to help them," Dr. Drew clapped back. Ryan didn't seem to have any interest in getting help, and now we all know that not long after, they announced Mack was pregnant and he was arrested. Things only got worse from there, when women came forward saying he was chatting them up on Tinder. Until Ryan stops making excuses and gets serious about his health, and Mackenzie stops enabling him, we doubt he'll ever change. Tune in to the Teen Mom OG reunion to see it all unfold on Monday, April 16.

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