Today is David Schwimmer's 49th birthday!

The actor has been in quite a few movies and TV shows, but fans know him most from his beloved role as Ross Geller on Friends. Over the years, the paleontologist has made us laugh, cringe, and everything in between (we may or may not have a Friends binge-watching problem, thanks to Netflix).

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And, as any true Friends fan knows, every group has a Ross – is it you? Scroll down to see if your personality matches up with Ross'.

1. You're flabbergasted whenever your friends say they didn't take high school seriously.

ross geller quote 1

You would have never missed an assigned reading!

2. You constantly correct your friends' grammar.

ross geller quote 2

You're just trying to help them not sound dumb.

3. You get worked up easily.

ross geller quote 3

Some say you could work on controlling your anger.

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4. Any time you try to be cool, it's just an awkward mess.

ross geller quote 4

It's just not your thing.

5. You tend to be a bit dramatic.

ross geller quote 5

But, like, stealing another person's sandwich is not OK.

6. You usually wait longer than you should to apologize.

ross geller quote 6

You're pride can get in the way of things sometimes.

7. You're not good at flirting.

ross geller quote 7

And everyone knows it.

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8. You pride yourself over your education.

ross geller quote 8

And get offended when people don't realize just how smart you are.

9. You dance like a goof and are totally OK with it.

ross geller quote 9

And your friends love you because of it.