They have some work to do. Prince William and Prince Harry must “work on solidifying the family unit” amid their royal drama if they want to set a good example for their children, conflict resolution expert Damali Peterman tells In Touch exclusively. The lawyer notes that they must “have a strong bond so that Archie and his cousins grow up knowing each other and spending time together.”

While Peterman admits she’s unclear on where William and Harry stand today, she assumes they have a “normal family dynamic” which, of course, comes with its own set of challenges. “There’s always something in the family,” Peterman says. “There’s always some sibling rivalry. There are typically some situations when you bring someone new to your family — that changes the dynamics.” Their marriages to Duchess Kate (née Middleton) and Duchess Meghan (née Markle) almost certainly did that for the royal brothers.

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“If they’re going to work on strengthening it, I think what they have, what most families don’t have, is the constant onslaught of the public eye and the media saying they have a strained relationship,” Peterman noted. “Like Kate and Meghan, if they’re going to have a relationship, that they work on it separately from the princes. And then I also think communication is key because communication is at the heart of conflict in any family. If someone doesn’t like what someone said, what someone did, and the way they communicate that is impacted by it, whether they stop talking to each other or the conversation is strained.”

Despite rumors of any sort of strained bond between Harry and William or feud between their wives, Peterman believes they have to, “double down in a sense and decide if they’re going to be a strong family unit no matter what, and that the outside world won’t be able to break that bond.”

“They’ll know what’s true and hopefully continue to communicate and grow, and maybe they’ll find time to visit them in Canada,” Peterman adds, bringing up Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s recent announcement that they are taking a “step back” from royal duties and will divide their time between the United Kingdom and Canada.

“I don’t think we still know what part-time royal means, right? I think people are assuming part-time means half-time, so they’ll spend half of their time between the two places, but it’s still unfolding.”

Perhaps a little distance will end up being the best thing for the brothers.

Reporting by Diana Cooper.

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