Cassie Ventura has a long list of titles—singer, dancer, actress, model. And she’s about to add one more: mom! The star announced in June that she and her celebrity personal trainer fiancé, Alex Fine, are expecting a baby girl later this year and could not be more thrilled. While Cassie has always been #goals, she’s giving us even more motivation and inspiration as she strives for a fit and healthy pregnancy—with a little help from Fine, of course.


In Touch: First off, congratulations on your pregnancy. How exciting — a baby girl!

Cassie: Thank you! We’re very excited! Knowing that your body is the host to actual life makes you very aware of your movement. You want to make sure what you’re doing is safe for the baby.


IT: Has this made you alter your workouts?

Cassie: In the first trimester, I slowed things down a lot. Once the doctor gave me the OK, I started with light cardio, squats and planks to keep my core strong. Alex has kept me motivated. It was a challenge for me in the beginning, but his consistency is inspirational. He’s in the best shape of anyone I’ve ever met.

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IT: Do you have a mantra or something that you say or do to motivate yourself?

Cassie: I wouldn’t say I have a mantra, but I have an Alex Fine. He’s so motivated every single day and is honestly in the best shape of anyone I’ve ever met. His consistency is motivating.


IT: Best wellness advice?

Cassie: My mother’s: “Get your rest.” Mornings. That’s when I hit the Hemp Hydrate House in Malibu. It has the most beautiful beachfront backdrop.


IT: Exercises you’re loving right now being pregnant?

Cassie: Planks and weighted squats.

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IT: How long do you work out for?

Cassie: Anywhere between 45 minutes and an hour.


IT: Favorite healthy snacks?

Cassie: Cherries, mangos, apples and peanut butter.


IT: What’s in your gym bag?

Cassie: A towel, an extra change of clean clothes, slides and Hemp Hydrate. I love Hemp Hydrate because it tastes great and it helps me to feel balanced.

cassie hemp hydrate

IT: Favorite part of Alex’s body?

Cassie: His eyes get me every time — I’m a sucker for them — but I do love his chest & abs.


IT: #Couplegoals before the baby is born?

Cassie: Make it to our Baby 101 Classes and take one last vacation.

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