Post Malone taking the stage at a packed house party while his pet Tyrannosaurus rex roars from the backyard might sound like a fever dream, but nope, it’s Bud Light’s commercial for Super Bowl 2024.

Aside from the t-rex, the “Sunflowers” artist joined in on the fun for the beer company’s Super Bowl commercial alongside NFL great Peyton Manning. In the ad, a football fan opens his refrigerator to a bottle of Bud Light that appears to have something inside and is trying to escape. When the guy pops open the beer, a very slick looking genie pops out and offers the group of friends unlimited wishes. While the wishes start off relatively small (one friend asks for a large bicep and another asks to become invisible,) the requests quickly jump from minor to major.

The group ends up at a karaoke bar and after one of them asks for Peyton to be his best friend, another excitedly says, “Oh! Post Malone!”

Post, 28, appears on stage and gives a nonchalant “hey” to the group before taking selfies with all of them. Eventually, someone wishes for a house party, which magically appears, and as the “Better Now” artist starts to perform a tyrannosaurus rex roars from behind the inground pool. When a woman asks who wished for a T-rex, Post sheepishly owns up to it.

The Billboard Music award winner was tapped as an influencer for Anheuser-Busch in 2017. In 2020, he starred in an ad for their line of seltzers. In one commercial, fans watched as the inner workings of Post’s body represented by office workers sporting similar face tattoos reacted to the star trying the seltzer for the first time.

In 2022, the “Circles” singer joined up with Cedric the Entertainer and other memorable characters from Bud Light commercials of the past like the Bud Knight. The group helped a Bud Light delivery driver get back on track.

Anheuser-Busch found itself at the center of boycotts in April 2023 after they partnered with Dylan Mulvaney, a transgender social media influencer. Some celebrities like Kid Rock and Travis Tritt spoke out against the brand, condemning the organization for partnering with Dylan. However, Post boldly dismissed the controversy surrounding the alcohol.

“There is no comfort in this world,” the singer told Esquire during an October 2023 interview. “So I’m gonna do the small things that make me comfortable. I’m gonna drink the f–king beer.”

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