Plastic surgery that went horribly wrong has left 53-year-old Alex Laird completely unrecognizable and, on more than one occasion, battling for her life.

It was eight years ago that she first got the Bio-Alcamid fillers injected in her face. While she was fine for several years following the procedure —one day, the chemicals began to move around under her skin, completely transforming her face with large bumps that quickly became infected.

plastic surgery gone wrong

Over time, the infection left unappealing bumps on Alex’s face. Photo courtesy of Channel 5.

On more than one occasion, she had to be hospitalized because of the severity of the infections.

When Alex went under the knife eight years ago, she was no stranger to plastic surgery. She had cheek implants in 1980 to emulate the “lovely, big cheekbones” she admired on strangers. Though she was initially thrilled with the results, her enthusiasm didn’t last long, as the implants eventually shrunk down.

plastic surgery gone wrong

For a long time, Alex was pleased with her cheek bones — until they deflated (right). Photos courtesy of Channel 5.

That’s when she discovered the Bio-Alcamid fillers.

“When I read about this permanent filler, I thought, ‘I’m going to get this done. This is finally the answer I’ve been looking for,’” she told ‘Botched Up Bodies.’ Her friends and family encouraged her not to go under the knife — but her mind was made up.

“My friends and family were quite shocked at the way I looked, but I was really pleased with the results.”

But when her face began to swell from the troubled fillers, her confidence dwindled. She turned to a doctor for help.

plastic surgery gone wrong

Eventually things began to go terribly wrong. Photo courtesy of Channel 5.

“He squeezed some [of it] out, mainly around my temple area, and I remember thinking that it was like a ticking time bomb in my face,” she recalls.

Soon afterward, she was hospitalized twice with a life-threatening infection. Eventually, all the bacteria-infected filler, and her original cheek implants, were removed and she was finally healthy. And she learned a valuable lesson — that nearly cost her her life.

plastic surgery gone wrong

Fortunately, a doctor was able to fix all the damage that was done — and save Alex’s life while doing so. Photo courtesy of Channel 5.

“I do think I made a mistake all those years ago — definitely — having that stuff put in my face,” she tells ‘Botched Up Bodies.’ “I think permanent filler equals permanent problems. I would never advise anyone to have it done.”

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