It’s safe to say that O.J. Simpson’s daughter Sydney Brooke Simpson looks a lot different now than she did when she was first in the spotlight. She was just nine years old when her mother Nicole Brown Simpson was murdered in 1994. And since the tragic and highly publicized trial, of which her father was the main focus, ended, she’s laid pretty low. But now with her boyfriend Robert Blackmon, 28, participating in the local politics of St. Petersburg, FL and her father’s early release from prison, we think she might be put back in the spotlight again.

Where is Sydney Brooke Simpson today in 2018?

It’s been over 20 years since the infamous O.J. Simpson trial. So how old is Sydney Brooke Simpson now? Well, her birthday is Oct. 17, 1985, which means the youngest Simpson daughter is currently 32 years old. Yes, it all still feels a little unbelievable. Watch the video below to see recent photos of Sydney Brooke Simpson!

Sydney does not have a public Twitter or Instagram, but her boyfriend has a Twitter account that he maintained while running for City Council. Although she has definitely made an effort not to be in the public eye, Sydney owns a company called Simpsy Properties LLC and rents out housing in St. Petersburg, FL. According to Celebrity Net Worth, her net worth is $10,000; however, with her business, she could be worth a lot more. Before moving to Florida, she attended Boston University for sociology and worked in Atlanta.

Are Sydney Brooke Simpson and Khloé Kardashian related?

Although photos of Khloé Kardashian might pop up when you search for Sydney Brooke Simpson on Google, they are 100% not the same person. Or, for that matter, related. While there were rumors that O.J. is Khloé’s paternal father, that’s totally false — Rob Kardashian is her dad!

sydney brooke and khloe kardashian

On Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Khloé got a paternity test that confirmed she’s the biological son of Rob Sr. Case closed! The starlet previously talked called the rumors “overwhelming” on her show Kocktails With Khloé.

So, what are O.J. Simpson’s other kids doing now?

O.J., 70, recently landed himself in the hot seat, as he was approved for early release back in July. And while Sydney was nowhere to be seen at the parole hearing, the former football player’s daughter from another marriage, Arnelle Simpson, took the stand to defend her dad.

“This has been hard, I’m going to be honest. This has been really, truly hard,” she said at the hearing. “There is no right or wrong way to explain how to handle this, but we do know that — I know that — he is remorseful. He truly is remorseful and we just want him to come home so that we can move forward for us, quietly, but to move forward.” 

The disgraced football player was released from prison in the early hours of Oct. 1 and is now a free man. The Juice served nine years in prison on charges unrelated to the murder of Sydney’s mom. The charges that led to his imprisonment were from an armed robbery of a memorabilia dealer in Las Vegas. Arnelle was the only one of O.J.’s children to defend her dad in court.

O.J.’s oldest son, Jason Simpson, 47, has not been seen in years, although he reportedly works as a chef in Atlanta. Sydney’s other brother Justin Simpson, 29, also keeps a low profile. He’s a realtor at Coldwell Banker who lives in St. Petersburg as well. After his dad was granted parole for armed robbery, he ignored reporters’ requests for comment.

In 2014, Sydney and Justin’s aunt Tanya Brown told Radar Online, “They’re in their late 20s. They’re professional. They’ve gone to college. They’re in relationships. They’re happy. They’re just like us. Quote unquote.”

sydney brooke simpson net worth

Sydney at the funeral of her mother Nicole Brown on June 16, 1994. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

After their mother was murdered, the siblings lived with their mom’s family. According to a Los Angeles Times article published a week after the tragedy, the family tried to keep the youngest Simpson children busy riding bikes, fishing, and playing games at their grandparents’ house in Monarch Bay. While the Brown family shared custody with O.J. in later years, Sydney and Justin’s aunt Tanya Brown told Radar that it was a struggle. She said, “I was so foggy, but I had to put on the face because this is their dad. They will always love their dad. I choose to respect that.”

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