By now, we all know Kris Jenner‘s thoughts on O.J. Simpson, after all, it’s been over 20 years since her best friend — Nicole Brown Simpson — was brutally murdered. Yet after yesterday’s parole hearing unanimously voted to let O.J. walk free, we decided to take a look back at what the Kardashian matriarch had to say about him over the years. Hint: She doesn’t like him very much! Watch the video below for more:

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At the time, the 61-year-old was already divorced from Robert Kardashian — who was on O.J.’s defense team. Thanks to Robert, along with Robert Shapiro and Johnnie Cochran, the former NFL running back was found not guilty for the murders of Nicole Brown or her friend Ron Goldman. He was only behind bars for armed robbery, although some would say his 33-and-a-half-year sentence, of which he’s served nine, was most definitely influenced by the fact that he was acquitted the first time around.

Not surprisingly, Kris Jenner would have preferred O.J. to stay in jail. Before his July 20 hearing, a source told Hollywood Life, “She thinks he should remain in jail. In the chance that he does walk free, Kris would not be scared with him being a free man.”

o.j. simpson and nicole brown simpson

O.J. Simpson and Nicole Brown Simpson in March 1994.

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The momager also has “zero interest in reaching out to O.J in any way, nor would he be welcomed into anything she does moving forward,” the source continued. “That would extend to her entire family as well… She will always be on Nicole’s side of things. O.J. is not someone she wants in her life, whether he’s in jail or a free man.” O.J. may be released as early as Oct. 1, but we’re sure she’s not going to be throwing him a welcome home party.

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