Never ending recovery. Nadya “Octomom” Suleman revealed that she suffered a number of injuries due to her famous 2009 pregnancy. 

“I’ve been asked for years how I stay physically strong and healthy (and mentally sane), in spite of my stressful, busy lifestyle with such a big family,” Nadya, 47, captioned a series of photos of her workout on Tuesday, June 27. “Lifting weights has been my method of constructively channeling stress, consistently, for over 30 years.”

She added that her physical fitness has been “even more of a priority” since giving birth to octuplets due to complications she endured during her pregnancy. 

‘Excruciating!’ Octomom Details the ‘Repercussion’ of Her 2009 Pregnancy
Courtesy of Nadya Suleman/Instagram

“As a repercussion of the pregnancy, I sustained three more herniated discs (had one herniated disc from a work related injury decades ago); bilateral sciatica; damaged sacrum and peripheral neuropathy (and a torn abdominal cavity to top it off),” she continued. “Such disabilities would render me incapacitated if I were to lead a sedentary lifestyle. Though it seems counterintuitive, the more active I am, the less pain I experience.”

The single mom – who has 14 children in total – detailed her regimen which includes three to four days of strength training and four to five hours of cardio per week, adding that her kids have “adopted the same active lifestyle.”

“My oldest three weight train, far heavier than I, and more frequently. Ironically, my oldest son Eli, who has been training consistently for three years, has surpassed what I’ve achieved in 30, and loves mocking me at the gym lol,” she wrote. “He has encouraged me however, to lift heavier, using proper technique, which has improved my strength and performance.”

Nadya went on to encourage “busy parents” to take time for themselves and “never compare yourself to anyone else!”

“Your current fitness level and fitness journey is unique to you, so only strive to be the best version of yourself,” she concluded. “Do not feel guilty for taking time to renew and recharge. Your family will benefit immensely when you take care of your mind and body, as you will have more positive energy to give.”

The California native – who rose to fame after her controversial pregnancy went viral in 2008 – previously opened up about her large family’s diet, revealing that they maintain a vegan lifestyle

“For dinner, I eat raw vegetables such as organic kale, chard, collard greens, bell peppers, and red or golden beets (plus a cooked vegan dinner such as organic sprouted lentils or quinoa),” she shared in April 2018. “A dessert during the week is usually an organic green apple with raw almond butter.”

She continued, “Becoming raw has only enhanced my health, clarified and strengthened my mind, and helped heal my broken back … (Who would have thought carrying octuplets to nearly 8 months could cause any physical damage).”

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