Kim Kardashian is one of the most famous celebrities in the world— but long before she was a household name, she was doing everything she could to have one.

Now, Nick Lachey, 39, who briefly dated Kim, 32, before the release of her famous sex tape, suggests that the star knew exactly how to shove her way into the spotlight.

In a new interview for the May 2013 issue of Details Magazine, the boy bander opens up about a date he went on with Kim in 2006, and alludes to the fact that  Kim may have tipped off the media regarding their whereabouts.  

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“Let’s just say this: We went to a movie. No one followed us there. Somehow, mysteriously, when we left, there were 30 photographers waiting outside,” he said of their evening that ended up plastered all over the tabloids the following day. “There are certain ways to play this game, and some people play it well.”

Nick, who was the lead singer of 98 Degrees at the time, was much more well-known than Kim— that is, until her famous romp with rapper Ray J went public.

When Details noted Kim had some help getting famous thanks to the filmed romp with her ex, Nick said, “Yeah, well that was already in the can.”

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