Call Ivanka Trump The Maternity Apprentice! The 29-year-old, who debuted her 2-day-old daughter Arabella Rose in New York City today, told In Touch that she's "excited and petrified" about being a new mom — and knows she'll be learning on the job.

"I've definitely laid the groundwork: it's not the logistical challenges I'm concerned about, it's bringing home the baby and knowing what to do," Donald's daughter said in a interview conducted before the baby's birth. "But I think that I’ve learned from a lot of really smart people, aka people who have actually done this before, that you shouldn’t set too tight constraints around how you’ll respond or react and you have to just go with the flow. My father’s been tremendous, my mother has been an incredible role model to me and my brother and his wife are just great parents. I've learned from observation."

She said that her husband, New York Observer owner Jared Kushner, was a super-supporter during her pregnancy — but she doesn't want him to get the false impression that the whole experience is a piece of cake.

"Jared's amazing, but I think I have to put him through the ringer, because he mentioned a few times that 'this hasn't been so difficult at all — we could do this so many times!'" she laughed. "To which I say, okay, I’m going to have to start waking him up in the middle of the night and doing some ridiculous task because it’s maybe too easy on him."

Another challenge for the business mogul and jewelry designer is to balance her busy business schedule with being a new mother. "What’s changed for me is just the evaluation of priorities in terms of my free time, thinking about how I’m going to manage that effectively once I have a family," she says. “Understanding my work schedule and travel schedule, I obviously don’t want to fail at being a great mother, nor do I want to give up what I’m so passionate about at work. So I just have to strike that chord. I already have meetings in my calendar for two weeks after my due date!"

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