Natalia Grace Mans (née Barnett) filmed a video update for her TikTok followers on Wednesday, January 10. In the clip, she explained why she’s been taking some time away from social media following the bombshell conclusion of The Curious Case of Natalia Grace: Natalia Speaks.

I just wanted to come on here and just do a check in with you guys and let you guys know how I’m doing and everything like that,” Natalia, who’s estimated to be 22, shared. “I haven’t really been on social media. I mean, I’ve been on social media, but I’ve not really been on social media, if that makes sense. Just to be careful of my mental health and emotional health and all that good stuff.”

She gushed over how “thankful” she was for all her followers and supporters online. “I know I haven’t posted in a little bit. I’m in pain, so I’ve just been kind of relaxing, getting some me time in and just having fun, living,” she added. “Alright. Love y’all.”

Natalia, who has a rare form of dwarfism called spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia congenita (SEDc), also referenced the GoFundMe page she recently set up in order to raise money for surgeries and to buy her own house.

“Thank you guys so much, seriously, it means the world to me to see all the love and support and also for the support on the GoFundMe as well,” the Ukrainian orphan continued. “Thank you guys so much for that. I do have to do a couple personal things on it, so if it does mess up, just let me know and I’ll look into that.”

The latest update comes as fans are still curious to know where Natalia stands with Antwon Mans and Cynthia Mans, who adopted her as an adult after her troubled childhood. The adoption was documented in ID’s Natalia Speaks, which aired at the beginning of January.

However, after the happy family celebrated the adoption in the docuseries, production jumped ahead six months to producers receiving a troubling phone call from the Mans’.

“Something ain’t right with Natalia,” Antwon said. “This girl is tweakin’. I feel like she’s the enemy in the house. And she said to us [that] we have held her hostage. Made us look like we’re the enemy.” He also said that he and his family are “done” with Natalia.

The specifics of what happened were not confirmed, but the show ended with a message: “Natalia’s story will continue.” In a January 5 Instagram post, Natalia hinted that viewers will get to see the rest of her story unfold at a later date.

“I am okay and doing well and thank you all for your support and prayers,” she wrote. “I wish I could tell you more [about] the show but I signed an agreement with the show to keep things confidential for now. I will let you guys know when I can for sure, but just know I am okay.”

Fans have been flooding the comments sections of Natalia’s social media posts with questions about what happened between her and the Mans’. In an interview published on Tuesday, January 9, Cynthia confirmed that Natalia moved out of her and Antwon’s home. However, she said that things are “absolutely perfect” between them as they’ve been working on their issues.

“We are fine,” Cynthia insisted. “It’s rough but with God, we gonna make it. I am in prayer.”

Natalia’s adoption by the Mans’ came following years of issues with her first adoptive parents, Michael Barnett and Kristine Barnett. The estranged couple was told that Natalia was 6 years old when they adopted her in 2010. However, they began suspecting that she was actually a con artist who was posing as a child. Their fears came amid allegations that Natalia threatened to kill them and their sons.

After Michael and Kristine had Natalia’s birth year changed from 2003 to 1989 in 2012 – which would have made her 22 at the time – they left her to live on her own in an apartment. Natalia struggled to climb up the steps to her new home and had issues reaching cabinets because of her dwarfism.

When Natalia finally told her side of the story, she accused her adoptive parents of abusive behavior. Michael and Kristine were eventually charged with neglecting a dependent in 2019. He was found not guilty and her charges were dropped.

Natalia took a DNA test in 2023, which estimated that she was 22 years old. The results revealed that Natalia was just 9 years old when she was living on her own during her time with the Barnetts.

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