For some reason, My 600-lb Life fans seem to think Pauline Potter is dead. But have no fear! The reality star, who appeared on the weight-loss show, is still alive and well. She may be staying out of the spotlight ever since her appearance on the TLC show, but that doesn't mean she has passed away.

However, medically speaking, Pauline wasn't doing well when she appeared on the show in 2011. She was sort of famous even before she starred on Season 3 she even made the Guinness World Record as the heaviest woman alive, weighing in at 643 pounds. During her stint on My 600-lb Life,Dr. Nowzaradan admitted her into the hospital so she could be closely monitored on a 800 calorie diet and she lost a total of 44 pounds. She eventually underwent gastric surgery, but her weight loss seemed to stall.

The show caught up with her years later and she failed to lose and keep the weight off, and she even developed an addiction to painkillers. "That fat girl in me is still there," she said. "The doctor fixed our stomachs, but he didn’t fix our minds. I have to keep fighting."

Before her surgery, her weight had a negative impact on her quality of life. At the time of the show, she weighed 678 pounds and admitted that she felt her weight was holding her back. "I am absolutely trapped in this body," she explained. "I feel like I'm dying every day. The biggest highlight of my day is eating."

But judging from her social media, she has finally been able to keep the weight off. Her Facebook pictures show her with a much slimmer face and frame. Her friends have been extremely supportive with their comments. One person wrote, "Absolutely beautiful!! Look how far you've come. Your hard work has paid off!" Another added, "Wow Pauline absolutely beautiful now you were beautiful before but it's all out there now can't hide that beauty no more. Love your show, such inspiration."

And she does look beautiful, doesn't she? We mean, talk about a transformation! We hope she's able to keep the weight off and stay healthy… for good.

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