She’s finally putting it all out there. Miranda Lambert knows that things haven’t exactly been smooth when it comes to her ex-husband Blake Shelton — but she’s ready to make peace with her ex, and that means sitting down and talking it out like adults.

“It’s obvious Miranda is still affected by what happened with Blake. And the only way she will fully get over it is if she confronts him face-to-face,” an insider tells In Touch, exclusively. And so, she plans on doing exactly that.

The insider says the two have barely spoken since they dissolved their marriage two years ago. And while the conversation may be awkward, it will likely also be “cathartic” for the country singers. The insider continues, “It needs to be done. They need to talk. It’s time.”

And there will plenty to talk about. “She’s still angry at him for everything he did to her. And I’m sure Blake’s angry for things she did during their marriage,” the insider tells In Touch. “She believes that both she and Blake are responsible for the collapse of their marriage. But she also feels that they’ve both grown so much since their divorce that meeting up is essential for them to have healthy relationships in the future.”

While she isn’t interested in Blake romantically — she has big plans to marry beau Anderson East, and he’s happily with Gwen Stefani — she hopes that their meeting can mark a new era in their relationship: One of friendship. According to the insider, she wants to marry her crooner beau, and she’s finally “at peace” with his ex’s relationship with Gwen, making this the perfect time for them to reconcile.

“Miranda is so looking forward to this. She really feels the time has finally come to lay everything out on the table,” the insider says. “Who knows, maybe this meeting will have them walk away as friends. Either way, they’ll definitely be in a better place.”

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