Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth will take their walk down the aisle any minute now, but you can forget about any future baby-making plans.

In Touch has learned the actor has “babies on the brain” ever since he visited a friend’s newborn baby girl. “They recently visited a friend’s home, and Liam went crazy over their new baby girl,” a source revealed. “He barely put her down the entire time.”

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“On the ride home he wouldn’t stop going on about Miley getting pregnant in the new year,” the source continued. “Even the next day he refused to give it up.”

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Unfortunately, Miley didn’t share the same enthusiasm about parenthood.

“She sternly told Liam she’s in no rush whatsoever to have kids and let it go,” the insider said, adding Liam was “shocked” but obliged. “He hasn’t mentioned a word about it since. Miley and Liam keep having issues — this isn’t the latest one.”

Since reuniting over the summer, the couple has had their fair share of ups and downs. Recently, In Touch revealed the couple’s constant arguments over a “lack of trust” in the relationship, which ultimately caused Miley to experience severe anxiety. “Liam is always picking fights with Miley for no reason, which gives her severe anxiety,” an insider explained. “If the fighting doesn’t stop, history could repeat itself.”

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The actor isn’t the only one who’s suspicious of his other half, as Miley had her own doubts about his faithfulness. “She thinks Liam has been very flirty with other girls lately,” the source continued. “She’s accused him of flirting with waitresses, friends, even her older sister, Brandi.”

Family members have previously gotten involved in the couple’s relationship as well. A previous report revealed Chris Hemsworth wanted his younger brother to break things off with the singer, claiming she’s not “marriage material.”

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