Don’t tell Regina, but Jonathan Bennett and Rajiv Surendra can sit with us anyday. The Mean Girls stars recently met up in NYC to rehearse their new rap for the talent show (jk). The actors are just friends and decided to catch-up in the city thus making our dreams come true.

Turns out Jonathan and Rajiv (who played Aaron Samuels and Kevin G respectively) are good friends IRL. Even though the two characters didn’t interact much in the movie, it looks like they created a lasting bond. Watch the video below to see their super nostalgic reunion!

Naturally, fans lost their minds after seeing their reunion on Instagram. One fan commented, “I love that Mean Girls alumni still hang out. It’s crazy that the movie is the height of everyone’s career but it’s simply a masterpiece.” While another added, “Love the way you guys still hang out ? so fetch!” And honestly, it is pretty fetch that the co-stars have kept in contact after 13 years.

In fact, a couple of years ago, Jonathan admitted that he’s close with another one of his former co-stars as well. And which one, you ask? Here’s a hint: Her hair is full of secrets… that’s right, it’s Lacey Chabert (who played Gretchen Weiners). “We’re really really close friends,” he said. “We hang out all the time!”

We hope this means all the stars will reunite soon! We love seeing them together and also, Regina was right. Aaron’s hair does look sexy pushed back.

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