Eleven years ago, a 15 year old girl named Victoria Thompson appeared on a Maury episode about wild teens. Victoria went viral with her story of wanting to be a teen mother, getting over 20 million views on the Internet! So, where is Victoria now? She went back on Maury for an exclusive update and revealed she is now the mother of five children and working as a nurse. Watch a sneak peek of her interview below, which airs Tuesday, April 3 on Maury.

For those of you who weren’t shamelessly addicted to the Internet in 2007 — a time when, “going viral” was simply called having your 15 minutes of fame, and the feat was actually impressive, and not something that happened literally daily and no one was ~cashing~ anyone anywhere — allow us to refresh your memory: Victoria was 15 years old and she was gonna have a baby. In fact, she proudly declared that she had sex more than 300 times in her endless pursuit of motherhood. And if you’re worried about Victoria being unfit to be a parent, she reassured Maury fans — and her mother — that she had it all figured out; if her baby got cold, she had a blanket! If her baby lost a pacifier, it was NBD!, because she had three more! If her baby needed designer clothes (editor’s note: no baby needs designer clothes, North West not withstanding), Victoria was ready to steal it!!!

With that flawless plan finalized to near perfection, it may sound like it’s the only thing the teen thought about. But worry not if you’re wondering if Victoria’s only ambition was to have a baby! She reassured Maury of her other dreams: She wanted to drop out of school and go on Girl’s Gone Wild! But her on-camera ambitions didn’t take away from her ultimate goal of mothering a child. In fact, she was so focused on having a baby that — in her effort to do so — she boasted that she was sleeping with “not one, not two, but three different guys.” Sure, Victoria was a player. But it was cool because she’s got it like that!!!

All these years later, those of us who closely watched Victoria in a day when YouTube videos were limited and daytime TV was scarce are left wondering: Whatever happened to this troubled youth? Did she ever make peace with her mom? Did her GGW dreams come true? Did she ever have her baby? Luckily for you, we have (some) answers!

Of course, it would make sense to start with the most obvious question — did Victoria ever have her baby? And it turns out, she did! When she was 18, the now-26-year-old went on Maury to reveal that she was pregnant with her first child and shared that she had changed for the better. She and her partner Naul later welcomed a baby boy named Javen Angel. In a now-defunct blog she described the moment she and her mom found out she was pregnant after taking multiple pregnancy tests, saying “My mom was in shock, disbelief. Because she had so much hope and she was so happy for me that I was changing my ways.” Despite a rocky start to her pregnancy, Victoria did seem overjoyed to finally become a mother, writing, “Telling the rest of my family, and getting the acceptance and love from them that I needed, everything turned out just right!”

On the blog, she detailed her relationship with her husband — whom she’s still with today. She wrote about her complicated relationship with fame, explaining, “Everywhere I went, I was known as the girl on Maury. Although on YouTube, from millions around the world, I may have been seen as slut, immature, etc., in my hometown, I was known as a star on TV — not being called names (thank God).”

victoria thompson today
Victoria Thompson

With a newfound outlook on life, Victoria connected with Naul — but opted to take things slow, a far departure from the young women we all met on national TV. “He had me from hello,” she wrote of her man. “It was perfect timing. Time to be able to show someone a whole new side of me. The side that I’ve feared to show. Reluctant to have sex, he didn’t rush me… He was the only I wanted to share it all with from the very start.” When they did start having sex — and one time, without protection — Victoria wrote she was surprised to learn she was pregnant, given her previous failed attempts to conceive. “The one time with the now love of my life, I conceived the best thing in my life,” she wrote. “I don’t regret my son, not one bit.”

Despite her gushing over her man on her blog, it would appear that there was, at one point, trouble in paradise; in 2010, she appeared on Maury for a third time for a paternity test, with Naul fearing that he wasn’t the father of Victoria’s son Javen. In a happy twist, he was confirmed to be the child’s father and — at the time — the two were expecting another little one!

And it would appear that her little family’s Happily Ever After didn’t end there: Victoria is now the proud mother of five little ones with the same baby daddy. In a 2015 reddit “Ask Me Anything” with the famed television host who brought Victoria into our lives, someone claiming to know the viral star wrote, “I think she is doing a lot better than the TV community had hoped.”

And, well, if that’s the case, it’s cool because she has definitely still got it like that!

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