The past few weeks of Married at First Sight have been a little repetitive. Nate and Sheila continue to argue and then make-up, Ashley continues to reveal that she’s a little bit crazy, and Cody continues to whine about not having sex with Danielle. Rinse, wash, repeat.

But things take a different turn this week. Danielle starts showing attraction towards Cody, Anthony actually expresses his feelings for once, and Sheila goes berserk for reasons that not even the show’s producers understand. Read the recap to find out why everyone’s acting a little out of character this week.

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Sheila and Nate

nate's mom sheila mafs

Sheila and Nate continue their trip to Nate’s childhood neighborhood. Nate’s mom is still controlling and crazy. Nothing new. But fortunately for the couple, they decide to stay in a rental house while on their trip to avoid any potential conflicts with Mama Duhon. Nate thinks the rental house is full of ghosts cause he’s an idiot.

So anyway, things are fine with them and they even go to a winery where Nate gets “classy” drunk.

nate mafs drunk

But later, over dinner, Nate reveals that he used to live in a garage. This is a red flag for Sheila who thinks Nate fell on hard times and had to live in a garage as a last resort. Nate says she misunderstood him and that he moved into the garage because he wanted to save money, not because he had to live in a garage.

Whatever the case, the next day Sheila starts acting weird. She keeps walking away from the cameras as Nate keeps asking her what did he do wrong. She tells him she’s “disgusted” by him and tries walking away again.

sheila producer fight mafs

Finally, Sheila tells the producers that she doesn’t want to talk and that she’s done with “the TV” thing. Producers tell her to stop saying “TV,” and as Sheila storms off, she’s chased after by a producer. The whole thing is seriously bizarre.

Danielle and Cody

As you remember from last week, Danielle and Cody are on a romantic date at home. Things are going fine until Danielle tells Cody she has a present for him. Cody is obviously thinking about sex, but instead she brings him a plate of smores. Womp, womp.

cody danielle smores mafs

Later, Danielle and Cody meet with Dr. Pepper who tells them that they need to work on intimacy. (Duh.) Cody whines some more about not getting any. He’s like a broken record.

danielle code mafs

Later, Cody and Danielle head to the gym and the strangest thing happens. Danielle reveals she got a little attracted to Cody while watching him work out! She has this weird, goofy smile on her face as she watches Cody lift a barbell with his hips. Later, while having a romantic evening by the piers, Cody says he’s in a bad mood and can’t talk about it, which is odd.

This is Danielle’s face.

danielle mafs face

She’s such a master of the side eye. We guess she gets it from her mom.

mafs side eye

Ashley and Anthony

ashley anthony mafs

After Ashley meets with Anthony’s crazy sister, they meet with Dr. Pepper who advises them to go buy snails together. Huh? Apparently, during the honeymoon, Ashley found out she liked snails and had wanted one as a pet since. So together the couple goes to the pet store to buy a few snails. Ashley exclaims to the cameras that “babies” are next.


However, the most important moment for them happens at the end. While playing a game of beanbags, Ashley gets frustrated that she’s losing, so she quits.

anthony ashley fight mafs

This really annoys Anthony, who doesn’t understand why Ashley won’t “try” things. He complains to the cameras that he wants an “adventurous” wife, someone to tag along while he does “crazy” things and that he’s not going to change for someone else. Yikes.

The preview for next week looks crazy. For the first time in MAFS history, all three couples will meet up to talk about their marriages. That should be very interesting indeed! Ugh, is it next week yet?

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