Brian Mazza does it all. He’s a successful restaurateur, clothing designer, husband, and father of two. He’s also in impeccable shape. As former Division I soccer player, fitness has always been a passion and a major part of his life, and even though he’s constantly busy, Brian’s commitment to fitness as a lifestyle is as inspiring as it is admirable.

While Mazza is no stranger to challenging workouts or dialed-in nutrition, it wasn’t until about five years ago that he doubled down on himself to make his health his number one priority. “After seeing my dad go through quadruple bypass surgery, I looked at my health and wellness totally differently. I need to be here a long time for my wife and sons.”

hemp water

One of the biggest things he accredits his physical (and mental) overhaul to is giving up drinking. This has helped him stay laser focused on his training regimen and long-term goals and has helped to get rid of his excuses. He claims, “It was one of the best decisions of my life. Once I did that, I became a better human.” He also tries to stay away from processed foods as much as possible and stick to whole foods like fruits and vegetables — a habit that he hopes to pass down to his two sons, Leo and Luke Alessandro.

As for his training, Mazza describes it as a bit “unorthodox” these days, as he recently started training for his very first Ironman 70.3. He likes to combine Tri Training, Crossfit, and HIIT, with his go-to machines being the Concept 2 Rower and the Assault Bike, which he aims to incorporate in almost every workout. And with these workouts being so strenuous and taxing on his body, the one thing Mazza makes preaches is the power of quality hydration.

hemp water

“My training is very strenuous, so regular water just isn’t enough. The ethos of Hemp Hydrate is perfectly aligned with my life as well as HPLT (High Performance Lifestyle Training). Hemp Hydrate has made my training way more efficient and my recovery that much more impactful.”

Mazza’s winning combination is certainly working for him and he hopes to inspire others as well. “Get up before all your friends do and do something difficult every day. Your small wins will amount to huge victories. Consistency is the formula!”

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