Leave it to Karen "KK" King to cause a scene! Even though she could not attend the taping for part two of the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta reunion, she still stirred up a whole mess of drama with her son Scrapp DeLeon's ex-girlfriend Tommie Lee. Keep scrolling below to find out what when down between them!

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Tommie and KK used to be close.

Tommie dated KK's son Scrapp, and they had a tumultuous relationship before they broke up last year. In a scene from Season 5 of LHHATL, Tommie attacked Scrapp after she found a hotel receipt that belonged to Karlie Redd in Scrapp's car, and Tommie felt that was proof that Scrapp was cheating on her with Karlie. Tommie and Scrapp have since broken up, and he's currently serving a 20-year jail sentence on drug trafficking charges.

Things quickly went south after Tommie broke up with Scrapp.

Even though she wasn't dating KK's son anymore, they still maintained their mother/daughter-in-law relationship. KK even stepped in and tried to reunite Tommie with her real mother, Finesse, on a previous episode of LHHATL. After the episode aired, Tommie slammed KK on social media for the comments she made about her relationship with Finesse.

When she saw Tommie's comments, KK went on a 40-minute-long Instagram rant to expose Tommie and accused her of betraying her as the one person who helped her when Tommie needed her the most. KK said that when she met Tommie, she was homeless and KK was the one who gave her the opportunity to be on TV and join the series.

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KK just wants an apology from Tommie.

All KK wants is for Tommie to acknowledge everything that she’s done to help her—and if she doesn’t, then she made a serious threat.

“If Tommie apologizes to me publicly, if Tommie finally says out of her mouth, ‘Thank you for changing my life. Thank you for taking me to Love & Hip Hop,'" KK said during the reunion. "I never asked the b—- to thank me before, but the b—- needs to thank me cause she don’t appreciate me. If the b—- don’t do that, the b—- is going to jail.”

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