Love After Lockup star Tracie Wagaman left behind a son as well as a newborn baby girl when she sadly died on July 1, at the age 41. Her brother Mark is recalling his sister’s “heart of gold” and explaining what he’s doing to help raise money for her children.

WE tv released a statement on July 6 that read: “WE tv is saddened about the passing of Tracie, a former Love and Life After Lockup cast member. Our thoughts are with her family and friends during this difficult time.”

Tracie’s friend and former manager Lily Red tells In Touch, “Tracie was loved by many people. She loved her fans. She loved interacting with them and being in the spotlight. I used to tell her she was like Tinker Bell because she lived for applause.”

Lily continues, “She was one of the kindest people I have ever had the pleasure to know. She was also very funny.  She wasn’t afraid to laugh at herself and she had a huge heart. She hated hurting anyone’s feelings. I hope people remember her kindness. It was an honor to be her friend and she will be missed.” It was during a FaceTime session with Lily on June 25 where Tracie revealed she had just given birth few hours earlier via a C-section and that she would be in the hospital for three more days as she recovered.

While Tracie’s cause of death has yet to be determined, Mark recalled what the WE tv show’s viewers had sadly learned: Tracie had demons including a longtime drug problem. “She’s had a habit for quite a while, half her life. It’s been 20 years on and off. She had a history of jail and prison. When you get out you go back to it. We’ve tried to help her,” Mark told the U.K.’s The Sun newspaper.

Mark said that he and Tracie had been estranged at the time of her death, not speaking in more than a year, but that, “She was my sister, I still loved her.” Mark was contacted by the police on July 2. “They told me she passed away the night before in Las Vegas. I was the first person contacted. I let my mom know. She’s handling it as a mom should. We have so many questions we need answered.” Mark also urged fans “not to speculate” on how his sister died.

'Love After Lockup' Star Tracie Dead Leaves Behind Newborn Baby
Photo Courtesy of Tracie Wagaman/Instagram

On Love After Lockup, Tracie ran out on her wedding night, leaving new husband Clint Brady at a hotel while she allegedly went on a several-day drug bender … just a few days after getting out of federal prison. She ended up back in jail, and the two tried to make their marriage work in between her stints behind bars. Ultimately, her addictions doomed their relationship, but not before they welcomed a son Isaac in March 2017.

The father of Traci’s infant son is her most recent boyfriend, Luke Loera. According to inmate records, he was previously charged and convicted of conspiracy to violate uniform controlled substances act, first offense, in 2010 and then attempted grand larceny in 2016. He is still currently serving his sentence for the latter charge.

“Me and Luke, we had our issues going on, and we were, you know, arguing, fighting whatever,” Tracie told Starcasm in May 2021. Even though she had accused Luke of domestic abuse, Tracie told the site, “My heart chose to take him back. Now, that that might have not been the right choice, but it’s my choice.”

“I love him and we’re working it out, so things are going a lot better, you know, because I am expecting,” she said of her pregnancy.

In a GoFundMe post where he is hoping to raise $5,000, Mark recalled that, “Tracie was always that annoying younger siblings. I remember her dressing up our dogs growing up and thinking she was crazy. She loved dogs.”

“She ran track in Junior High and was always faster than me. Her and I became really close after high-school. I took her to Mexico for the first time. We’d go to the lake and jump off of the dam,” Mark wrote about their childhood in Texas.

“She always wanted to be with her nephews. I remember her driving 8 hours one time just to see them. She had a heart of gold. I had some medical issues a few years back and wasn’t able to work. She gave me $500 so I could catch up on bills. If you had the chance to meet her, I guarantee she would consider you a friend. She was such a people person,” he continued.

If they reach the $5,000 goal, Mark says, “We would like to use the money to pay for her funeral. If additional money is raised we will put a portion of it in a savings account for her son and if at all possible her daughter. We want to donate the remainder of the money to a domestic violence organization that will be named later.”

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