These days there are a lot of stressors in the world. And sometimes you need just a little bit more than someone telling you to “take a deep breathe”.

The wellness experts at Cymbiotika have created a product designed specifically to provide us with some well-needed anxiety and tension relief. Meet Nexus.

Cymbiotika Nexus

Containing a synergistic blend of CBD and DHA, Nexus also contains Boswellia Sacra – a powerful herb shown to have anti-inflammatory benefits, particularly effective for arthritis and age-related diseases.

boswellia sacra

Cymbiotika Nexus is specifically designed to maintain your body’s state of balance and stability. Safe for the entire family, including children aged 2 and higher, Nexus provides a slew of balanced lifestyle benefits, including:


Reduced Depression

CBD provides chemical receptors to our brains to help respond to our stress and anxiety.

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Improved Sleep Quality

CBD has been shown to help our bodies get valuable restorative sleep, helping our bodies recover and destress,



Nexus’ unique blend of natural anti-inflammatory and pain relieving compounds will reduce tension and allow our bodies to relax.

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Nexus is composed of the highest quality organic, non-GMO, Keto and Vegan materials, including:

DHA: Docosahexeanoic Acid (better known as DHA) is a critical ingredient for brain, eye and health health, providing a stable mind and body

EPA: Eicosapenthaenoic Acid (better known as EPA) provides those must-have Omega-3’s needed for anti-inflammatory benefits

Boswellia Sacra: A powerful Ayurvedic herb designed to provide anti-inflammation

Organic Full Spectrum Canniboids:  Full-spectrum CBD, composed of naturally occurring plant compounds designed to help relieve anxiety and tension


Learn more about this amazing product and order Nexus online at For a limited time you can even get 10% off your purchase! And follow Cymbiotika on Instagram (@cymbiotika) for more offers and wellness inspiration.

Cymbiotika Nexus

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