Lauryn “Pumpkin” Efird (née Shannon) confirmed her sister Alana Thompson (a.k.a. Honey Boo Boo) is still staying with her after their mother, Mama June Shannon, finished her stint in rehab and began her sobriety journey.  

The Family Crisis star, 20, shared the life update after posting a new photo with her husband, Joshua Efird, and their 2-year-old daughter, Ella, via Instagram on Tuesday, January 5. When one social media user asked if Alana has been living with her mom or dad, Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson, Lauryn offered some insight. 

Sticking Together! Lauryn 'Pumpkin' Efird Confirms Sister Honey Boo Boo Is 'Still' Staying With Her
Courtesy Lauryn Efird/Instagram

“She’s still with me,” the TV personality replied in the comments. 

Lauryn previously discussed their living situation in April and revealed it was causing some distress for her family and sibling. “It’s been very difficult because … she is younger and she needs her mom. So, it’s been very hard for both me and her to adjust to me being her ‘sister mom,'” the reality star told Entertainment Tonight in a video interview. “She’s lived with her mom her entire life and now she had to uproot and move out of that home and move in with us.” 

In 2020, June spent time at a Florida-based rehab facility to deal with her addiction struggles and that’s where Lauryn stepped in. “[Joshua and I] went basically from raising a 2-year-old overnight to now raising a 2-year-old and a 14-year-old. So, it’s two different age groups right there,” she elaborated. 

Sticking Together! Lauryn 'Pumpkin' Efird Confirms Sister Honey Boo Boo Is 'Still' Staying With Her
Kristin Callahan/ACE Pictures/Shutterstock

Lauryn said she and June still have some big issues to sort through before being back on great terms, but she is hopeful for a brighter future together. “I hope that eventually one day we can be where we once were,” she added. “I don’t think that things will ever be the exact same because of so much damage that has been done, but I do hope for us to all reunite as a family, of course.”

Alana, now 15, recently started sharing more photos on social media and she even revealed her weight loss plans after posting a new selfie in October 2020. As for June, she told In Touch exclusively about her goal to lose 70 pounds post-rehab in November. “I’m doing gluten-free and dairy-free as much as possible,” the Toddlers & Tiaras alum said after undergoing plastic surgery to freshen up her look.

Hopefully, things keep on improving for the famous family!

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