In a bombshell In Touch magazine exclusive, a brothel insider has made a shocking new charge: that Lamar Odom was shot up with a speedball — a mixture of cocaine and heroin — by one of the prostitutes during his stay at Nevada’s Love Ranch brothel.

Lamar, who nearly overdosed, had reportedly done cocaine and was taking massive doses of an herbal Viagra as well as “drinking heavily — chugging cognac” during his three-day, $79,000 stay at the ranch.

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However, in the new issue of In Touch magazine, a brothel insider claims prostitute Ryder Cherry said that Lamar had brought cocaine with him but also asked Ryder to get him additional drugs.

lamar odom

Lamar Odom.

The brothel insider reveals that Ryder obliged and ordered drugs from a dealer she knows. After the dealer delivered the drugs, “Ryder went back up to the room with Lamar and shot him up with a speedball, a mixture of cocaine and heroin [at his request],” the brothel insider explains. “Ryder then came out of the room and told everyone that Lamar wanted some time alone because he wanted to nap. Then she turned to [one of the girls] and said, ‘Let’s go get some ice cream.’”

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A source, however, says Ryder told a different story: that Lamar didn’t ask to be shot up with anything and had simply given her a list of things he wanted from the grocery store, including apple pie, caramel apples and chips and dip, so she went to get them with another Love Ranch worker.

“An hour and a half later,” adds the source, “they found Lamar unresponsive.”

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