It’s been more than 14 years since Laci Peterson seemingly disappeared without a trace — only to have her body discovered nearly six months later. And while her husband, Scott, is currently awaiting death by lethal injection on death row, her family and loved ones haven’t fully had closure in her case, due in part to the public’s ongoing fascination with the trial.

Most recently, followers of the trial have begun an argument about Laci’s attire at the time of her death in an effort to prove Scott’s innocence. When Laci’s body was found in the bay, she was wearing tan pants — which was consistent with what the mother-to-be was wearing when her stepsister Amy Rocha saw her for the last time on Dec. 23, 2002. The defense, however, argued that Laci was actually last seen on Dec. 24, wearing black pants to walk her dog, when she disappeared and was killed by someone else.

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The clothing argument about her sartorial choices came about after The Modesto Bee interviewed one of the jurors, named Richelle Nice, for her involvement in the case after countless accusations that she lied her way on to the jury. In the interview, she brought up Scott’s lawyers’ argument about the pants. She told The Bee, “You can’t tell me these people kidnapped and killed her, took her and changed her clothes, and drove out to Berkeley and dumped her where Scott was fishing, all to frame him. It’s not possible.”

That, however, is exactly what those who are trying to get an appeal for Scott think. On a website established to get Scott’s appeal, the web masters wrote, “A common misconception in this case is that Laci’s body was found wearing the pants she had on the night before she died; evidence that would point toward Scott. The truth, however, is that Laci’s body was not found in the pants she had on the night before she disappeared.”

Despite the appeals, Scott is still slated to be executed in California. Recently, he broke his silence to say that his conviction of first- and second-degree murder of his wife and unborn child came as a total shock. Watch the video to hear his full response.

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