Lesson of the day: Twitter does not mess around when it comes to skincare. Shortly after Kylie Jenner teased her new Kylie Skin essentials on social media, the KUWTK star, 21, was met with serious backlash over a number of the products — particularly her walnut face scrub.

“Well, this is horrifying. A foaming face wash and a walnut scrub?! Tragic to think that millions of girls will buy this trash and destroy their skin barriers,” one person wrote on Tuesday, May 14. “A walnut face scrub?! Why is Kylie trying to destroy our skin? OMFG,” echoed another.

Negative tweet about Kylie Jenner's walnut face scrub

“Walnut shells are way too rough of an exfoliant for the face — as are any plastic beads. You shouldn’t be using ANY kind of manual scrub on the face as often as she’s promoting in this video. That’s for other areas of the body,” someone reasoned. One person even decided to go into specific detail, writing, “Crushed up walnut in your face scrub is not good!!! The walnut pieces will actually create tiny little cuts on the surface of your skin.”

Ouch. That certainly doesn’t sound pleasant. To be fair, Kylie described the scrub as “gentle yet very effective,” but from the looks of it … literally no one on the internet believes her. At the end of the day, we think it’s ill-advised to take skincare advice from Twitter. This isn’t to say that you can’t ask ~ordinary~ people for tips and tricks, but considering dermatologists go to school for roughly 12 years, it may be wise to ask a medical professional about what’s best for your skin.

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Speaking of dermatologists, as one Twitter user pointed out, “Kylie Jenner has access to the best dermatologists and estheticians in the world.” Yes, that is 100 percent correct. It’s important to remember that even if Kylie does use her walnut scrub … it’s likely that her glowing face gets a little extra love and care from $1,000 facials.

P.S. If you don’t care about any of the warnings above. Kylie Skin drops on Wednesday, May 22.

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