She’s speaking out. After Scott Disick yelled at Kris Jenner’s boyfriend, Corey Gamble, when he suggested disciplining Scott’s 7-year-old daughter, Penelope Disick, with corporal punishment, Kourtney Kardashian offered her opinion on the matter on social media.

Someone tweeted at her on September 22, “Not trying to be the parent shamer or a judgy person but you need to get your kids in check now and take it serious now before they older because it only gets worse @kourtneykardash #justsaying.” The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star responded, “And in my opinion beating children is not the way to ‘get your kids in check.’ When children are hurting or frustrated, the answer is not to physically hurt them.”

Previously, in a sneak peek of an episode of the reality series, Kourtney, Kim Kardashian, Scott, Corey, Kris and Jonathan Cheban were sitting at a table when Corey, 38, said, “If P[enelope] scratch me, I’m whipping her ass.” That made Scott, 36, reply, “My daughter?” and Corey answered, “Give her a spanking for sure.” Scott shouted in response, “My little daughter?!” and Corey shot back, “Whippin’ is that discipline.” “Don’t ever talk about a child like that!” Scott yelled back at him before Corey angrily replied, “Motherf—ker, what you talking about?”

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Kourtney, 40, seemed floored by the whole exchange. “I am shocked about last night,” she said in a confessional in the clip. But an insider close to the family later told In Touch, “Scott did the right thing … Kourtney isn’t still upset at Corey either, but she’s glad Scott spoke up and set Corey straight. … You don’t mess with another man’s children. I think Corey got the message, loud and clear.”

As for momager Kris, she’s sort of caught between a rock and a hard place when it comes to the situation. “Of course Kris feels like she’s stuck in the middle, but what else is new?” a source revealed exclusively to In Touch. “Kris trusts Corey, she’s not upset with him, but she did tell him to chose his words more carefully, and a good rule to follow is that her grandkids are off-limits.”

“Scott likes Corey, he likes that he looks out for Kris and the family’s best interest, but he didn’t appreciate him sticking his two cents in where it didn’t belong,” an insider close to Kourtney’s ex told In Touch. “Corey saying that his daughter Penelope might need a ‘whipping’ was the wrong thing to say. Scott lost it and for good reason. He feels that Corey crossed the line and he told him so … He knows what Corey meant, but still, it’s not something you say, especially about someone else’s kids. Corey listened and they’ve since moved on, but Scott won’t forget it.” Do you think the family will continue to address the altercation?

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