Condiment controversy. Kim Kardashian set Twitter ablaze when she shared her trick for eating chicken nuggets after revealing she was plant-based. Fans roasted the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, 39, for saying honey was her dipping sauce of choice.

“WHATTTT? Chicken nuggets dipped in honey is the ONLY way to eat them!” Kim wrote, replying to a tweet that read, “I gotta [sic] try dipping my chicken nuggets in honey.” Several users responded with confusion. “I thought you were vegan WTF,” one user wrote. “Hey! I thought you were only eating plant-based now, love!!” another added. Back in April 2019, Kim did say she was going meat-free, but only at home.

Courtesy of Kim Kardashian West / Twitter

Aside from the questions surrounding her diet, many thought there was no way Kim would eat such an unlikely combination. “You mean honey mustard right, Kim? … Please tell me it’s honey mustard,” read one reply. “Huh? Honey as in honey or honey mustard?” Another asked.

Kim set the record straight by posting yet another tweet. “HATE HONEY MUSTARD,” she wrote. Of course, her admission added fire to the dipping sauce debate. “FALSE. Honey mustard is amazing,” one fan chimed in. “Kim, [love] you and the fam, but this is where I must draw the line,” someone else said. “Kim!! What did honey mustard ever do to you?!” a third wrote with several crying emoji.


Courtesy of Kim Kardashian West / Twitter

While the chicken nuggets and honey versus honey mustard debacle still is under discussion, one thing is for sure — Kim knows how to eat. After the star faced backlash for advertising SKIMS in front of a barren fridge, she gave a tour of her kitchen to show fans she does live a balanced lifestyle. “I saw a bunch of comments from people wondering how I  and since you guys are dying to know, here is a peek inside our main fridge filled with fruits and veggies,” she wrote on her Instagram Story. Kim also shared she and the fam are going to start growing their produce at home. Looks like we have a food expert on our hands!

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