Mind your own business! Khloé Kardashian stuck up for her sister Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick after the parents were criticized for how they discipline their children on the Sunday, September 22, episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

“When it comes to discipline and your children … no one should judge. Everyone should do what’s best for their family,” the 35-year-old wrote on Twitter. “We all may parent differently but I would always respect how my sisters choose to discipline #KUWTK”

The parenting debacle comes as this week’s episode highlighted an explosive fight Scott, 36, had with Corey Gamble on whether spanking your children is a proper way to correct behavior.

Over dinner, Kris Jenner’s man said, “If P[enelope] scratch me, I’m whipping her ass.” Scott replied, “My daughter?” and Corey answered, “Give her a spanking for sure.” Scott shouted in response, “My little daughter?!” and Corey shot back, “Whippin’ is that discipline.” “Don’t ever talk about a child like that!” Scott yelled back at him before Corey angrily replied, “Motherf—ker, what you talking about?”

Scott lost it and for good reason,” a source close to the family told In Touch. He feels that Corey crossed the line and he told him so … He knows what Corey meant, but still, it’s not something you say, especially about someone else’s kids. Corey listened and they’ve since moved on, but Scott won’t forget it.”

Khloe Kardashian No One Judge Scott Kourtney Parent Their Kids
Courtesy Kourtney Kardashian/Instagram

The 40-year-old shared that she was “shocked” over what transpired. “Scott did the right thing … Kourtney isn’t still upset at Corey either, but she’s glad Scott spoke up and set Corey straight,” an insider told In Touch. “You don’t mess with another man’s children. I think Corey got the message, loud and clear.”

Kourtney even offered her two cents on the matter when a fan reached out to say it’s important to “get your kids in check,” insinuating that physical harm might be a better parenting style. “In my opinion beating children is not the way to ‘get your kids in check,’” the Poosh founder retorted. “When children are hurting or frustrated, the answer is not to physically hurt them.” Koko said it best … don’t judge!

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