Celebs swear by it, but wellness expert Naomi Whittel found a flaw in the keto diet when she gave the low-carb, healthy-fat eating plan a try two-and-a-half years ago. “My body wasn’t getting enough fiber rich foods,” she says, pointing out that a diet lacking in fiber can have negative side effects, such as a weakened immune system and even storage of extra fat.

So Naomi came up with a solution, which she details in her latest book, High Fiber Keto. “I plussed up keto by incorporating fiber and made it work better for my body,” she says, adding that the results — a boost in metabolism, better digestion, more balanced hormones and even less anxiety — “are amazing!”

In Touch caught up with Naomi to talk about her new book release.

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In Touch: Why is fiber so important for women who are following the keto diet?

NW: [Not only is it] antiaging, but prebiotics are our microbiome’s favorite food — and prebiotics are oftentimes a fiber. If you can get more of it into your diet, you’re giving the little bugs that make up your microbiome their favorite food, and then they perform for you.


In Touch: What are your favorite fiber-packed recipes from the book?

NW:  I worked with nutritionists and dietitians [to create] delicious things like keto chili and chicken tenders. I also added cruciferous vegetables like Brussels sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower [to many recipes] because they reduce inflammation and wrinkles.


In Touch:  And if someone doesn’t cook?

NW:  SlimFast [has these] Fat Bombs and Meal Bars. One of their main active ingredients is inulin, which is a prebiotic. When I saw that, I got really excited!


In Touch: Do SlimFast’s Keto products work well within the program you’ve created?

NW:  Yes, perfectly. They are easy, delicious and fun on-the-go snacks.


Closer: What’s a good tip for sticking to the keto diet?

In Touch: I make sure I’m getting 75 percent of my calories from fat, and I don’t push it too hard.


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