The year is 2018 and we’re about to discuss the possibility that Kendall Jenner and Anwar Hadid — two grown-ish adults — have given each other… hickeys. Sigh. Some things are better left in high school, you know? But alas, here we are. OK, so let’s break it down for y’all. 

ICYMI: Anwar is the 19-year-old brother of Gigi and Bella Hadid. He and Kenny have been romantically linked in the past, but nothing serious — until now, that is. Well, maybe! Basically, Anwar was spotted on Sept. 21 during Milan Fashion Week rocking a seriously major hickey on his neck. We’re talking next-level black and blue material. 

anwar hadid hickey
Getty Images

Seeing as Kendall was also in Milan at the time, and has been known to hook up with her BFF’s brother every now and again, people sort of made assumptions. However, who needs assumptions when there’s photographic proof?! Below you can see two separate snapshots of the KUWTK star. 

The first is from Sept. 20, just one day before Anwar was spotted with his love bite. The second is from Sept. 26. In both images, Kendall is clearly sporting something on her neck — and it’s not a burn from a hair straightener. In the first image specifically, it looks as though the 22-year-old was trying to cover it up with makeup. 

kendall jenner hickeys
Getty Images, MEGA

At the end of the day, we can’t very well confirm with all certainty that A) both of these marks are, in fact, hickeys and B) that Anwar and Kenny gave them to each other. Here’s the kicker, though: It was reported all the way back in June that the pair was spotted making out at an LA restaurant. Even if a source told Entertainment Tonight at the time that Anwar and Kendall “were just having fun,” and “don’t want anything too serious,” it seems that hooking up for three months straight is more than just a ~casual~ fling. 

Then again, maybe young Hollywood is just weirdly obsessed with giving/getting hickeys and they both received them from entirely different people. Who knows?

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