This is a big no-no. Kanye West was called out for being on his phone during the show on opening night of the Broadway musical The Cher Show, which had to be seriously upsetting to the performers. And it was one of those performers who made sure Kanye knew they were displeased.

Jarrod Spector, who plays Sonny Bono in the show, wrote on Twitter on Dec. 3, “Hey @kanyewest so cool that you’re here at @TheCherShow! If you look up from your cell phone you’ll see we’re doing a show up here. It’s opening night. Kind of a big deal for us. Thanks so much.” Awwwkward. That had to be distracting not only for the actors on stage but also for Kanye’s fellow theatergoers.

For what it’s worth, Kanye did apologize to Jarrod for the mishap. He wrote in a Twitter reply, “the dynamics of Cher and Sonny’s relationship made Kim and I grab each other’s hand and sing ‘I got you babe’ please pardon my lack of etiquette. We have so much appreciation for the energy you guys put into making this masterpiece.” That’s actually really decent of ‘Ye.

During interviews after the show, In Touch spoke with Jarrod and informed him of Kanye’s apology, which he had not yet seen. When we asked if he accepted the rapper’s apology, Jarrod responded, “He is amazing… he is amazing, that is a masterpiece…I will say he was up on his feet and kind and generous at the end so I’m not sure if he read my tweet beforehand or did that because he was enjoying the show…But I so appreciate them coming tonight and I hope that’s super clear…And I’m thrilled that he wrote that (the apology).”

The Cher Show is a new musical featuring the music of entertainment icon Cher. Kanye’s wife, Kim Kardashian, has dressed up as the singer numerous times, so it’s not exactly a shock that the couple was in attendance opening night. Hopefully, the couple still enjoyed themselves.

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