New couple alert?! Justin Theroux isn’t wasting any time when it comes to moving on from Jennifer Aniston. An insider tells In Touch exclusively that the actor is beginning a new romance with Olivia Munn.

“He’s been leaning on Olivia Munn since leaving Jen,” the insider says. The pair met when they lent their voices to The LEGO Ninjago Movie in 2017. Justin, 46, and Olivia, 37, “always kept in touch,” adds the insider, “but lately their phone calls and FaceTimes have stretched late into the evening. They make each other laugh, and things have definitely gone from the friendship zone into the flirting zone.”

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Justin can’t help it. He finds Olivia — who once called Justin “a good guy” — “really attractive and refreshing to be around,” says the insider, who thinks Olivia is much better suited for Justin than Jen. “Jen always hated New York, but Olivia loves the city and spends lots of time there. And they share the same sense of humor. Olivia doesn’t have the hang-ups Jen has about being neat and having a pristine home. Olivia also loves junk food and carbs, things that were banned from Jen and Justin’s refrigerator! They’re also both kind of grunge and geeky, so it’s easy to see why they’d be drawn to each other.”

But both could just be on the rebound. Justin announced his split from Jen, 49, a month ago, and Olivia had a bad breakup with Aaron Rodgers last spring. The Green Bay Packers quarterback, 34, was recently photographed frolicking on the beach in Mexico with bikini-clad race car driver Danica Patrick, 35. “That had to sting for Olivia,” says the insider. “I’m not surprised she’s turning to Justin right now.”

It won’t sit well with Jen. “She’ll hit the roof” if she learns of a budding romance between the two, says the insider. Jen, who starred in 2016’s Office Christmas Party with Olivia, “has always been jealous of Olivia and Justin’s friendship and would accuse him of having the hots for her while they were doing the LEGO movie.”

Justin is also violating a pact he and Jen made when they announced their separation, which they claimed was amicable (in a statement, they said they were “best friends” and looked “forward to continuing our cherished friendship”). “Justin and Jen had a deal that he’d stay officially single for at least six months after their split,” says the insider. “So he has to be careful. He and Olivia have to be discreet, and so far they have been.”

That all may change in the coming weeks. Justin and Olivia are planning to meet up in NYC and are risking being spotted together. (Olivia and a Justin rep deny the story.) “They want to spend some time together so they can explore their feelings,” says the insider. “There’s a real attraction there. So not even a secret deal with Jen will keep Justin away from Olivia.”

Olivia recently denied the romance on Instagram. She wrote, “Dear Tabloids, Please stop matching me with my friends’ exes. No disrespect to people who do date their friends’ exes, that’s just not my style.”

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