The guilt is real, ladies and gentleman. Just one day after news broke that Selena Gomez suffered an emotional breakdown, Justin Bieber was photographed crying in a car with his now-wife, Hailey Baldwin, as they left their pastor’s home in Beverly Hills on Oct. 11.

The 24-year-old pop star “won’t stop blaming himself for her breakdown,” a source revealed to Life & Style magazine. “Deep down, Justin knows she still has feelings for him and that his marriage to Hailey would’ve upset her.”

As previously reported, Selena is currently seeking treatment after she was hospitalized twice for an alarmingly low white blood cell count, a possible complication from her recent kidney transplant — not a broken heart. But that’s done nothing to clear her ex-boyfriend’s conscience. “Selena was Justin’s first love,” the source noted, “and everyone can see that he still cares for her.”

Justin Bieber Crying MEGA

As for how Justin’s 21-year-old bride is handling things? Well, it’s definitely not an ideal circumstance for a couple of young newlyweds. “Hailey is one of the kindest people you’ll ever meet and is doing her best to support Justin,” the source insisted. “But the whole Selena situation is putting a strain on their marriage.” 

So much so, that the pair has entered counseling just one month after their walk down the aisle. “Justin and Hailey want to ensure that they deal with any hiccups like adults,” an insider previously told Life & Style magazine, “rather than letting them drag out and develop into something bigger.” Hmmm, perhaps it’s time to start doubling their sessions. 

Not only is Justin’s marriage being compromised but, apparently, so is his well-being. Uh-oh. The singer, who was recently spotted wandering outside his LA manse barefoot in a bathrobe, “has been acting bizarrely,” the source revealed. “His friends are begging him to get help.” Stay strong, Biebs!

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