Yep, like we told you this weekend, Anna Duggar is apparently back on Instagram, and she's been more active on Twitter lately, too, which just begs the question of why she left social media in the first place. And more importantly, what's changed since then. Well, leave it to the Duggar family fans to come up with plenty of ideas. The Counting On viewers are always watching, and we don't just mean TLC. Nope, they seem to spot everything online, too, and then rehash all their possibilities and theories in the /r/CountingOn subreddit. And lately, they've been speculating about what exactly this return to social media might mean for the mom of five. Check out what the fans have come up with — and what we think has an actual shot.

Anna Duggar and her kids might be on Counting On.

Now that Jill and Derick Dillard have been booted from the show — we mean, have decided to no longer participate — some viewers think there might be an opening for another couple to step up to the plate. The show has no shortage of storylines between all the older kids with their families (including Jinger Duggar and Kendra Caldwell's recently announced pregnancies). And, of course, Josiah Duggar just started courting, so we'll probably have another engagement, wedding, and pregnancy to follow soon. But Anna's kids are the original Duggar grandchildren. Her family started "counting on" before Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar stopped. So it's not crazy to think that there's some interest there in what she and her kids are up to. And, a fan argues, they could probably use the money: "[Anna]'s got a half dozen mouths to feed, after all," they wrote. Plus, building up her social profile wouldn't be a bad idea if she's reentering the world of TV.

But personally, we kind of doubt this one. While we'd love to check in with Josh Duggar's wife to see how she is these days (and that she's not, you know, living a nightmare life caused by her husband's actions and her own inability or unwillingness to get a divorce), we think it's likely that the oldest Duggar son has some kind of permaban from the network. After all, it was the news of his scandal that got 19 Kids and Counting cancelled in the first place.

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Posting on Instagram is Anna's small revenge.

Another popular theory shared by fans is that using social media is the Duggar wife's way of getting back at her spouse. She's been long dormant from the photo-sharing platform, basically disappearing around the same time that Josh came home from rehab in March of 2016. She's posted to Twitter a couple of times since then — primarily to wish family members a happy birthday and throw some retweets to family and friends — but nothing on Instagram. And then, suddenly, a picture of her kids playing with clementines.

"I wonder if this is her sad, small, fundie-shaped way of retaliating against Josh when he says/does something particularly d–kish," wrote one fan. "Like, why didn't she just delete her Insta altogether if she was never going to use it again, because the Internet is the Devil's Tool and led her husband astray?" They raise a good point. Instead of going silent on Insta, Anna could've deleted her account altogether if she truly no longer felt comfortable with using the platform. It's possible that her disappearance had less to do with a distaste for the Internet and more to do with what Josh wants — and that her return to posting is to spite him. To be honest, we could definitely believe this.

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Josh may be working for his dad again.

Though the Duggar kids hold a variety of jobs (both real and, uh, no so real — see one of the kid's position as a "concert pianist"), Josh was most recently working as a car salesman. And rumor had it that he wasn't doing so well. A source told Radar Online that, as of May 2017, Josh and Anna were seriously struggling financially. And since they're no longer part of the TLC franchise, they're not getting that TV money either. Yet fans noticed that their house still looked pretty nice.

"How does Josh make a living these days?" one fan wrote, with another adding, "I’ve been wondering this for a while, must have gone back into car salesmanship or something?" The conversation spiraled from there, with a third fan suggesting that, actually, he's just back on Jim Bob's payroll. "He's one of Jim Bob's underlings again and JB's paying him so much more than what he's worth," they wrote. Others weighed in, guessing that this was probably spot on, and attributing it to the fact that Josh is allegedly his dad's favorite. "He's the firstborn son," wrote one fan. "That's apparently a huge deal in the fundie community." We can't say we'd be shocked.

Anna lets her kids watch mainstream movies.

This one is less an idea about what the posts themselves mean and more an observation about what's in the posts. In the photo of two of her boys playing on the countertop, the older son, Michael, is wearing Lightning McQueen slippers. FYI, if you've never heard of Lightning McQueen, he's the main character in the Disney•Pixar movie Cars. Though it may be a pretty light movie, and Pixar flicks don't typically get too racy, fans were still shocked that any Duggar kids would be allowed to watch that kind of film. The family has been outspoken in the past about what they are and aren't allowed to watch, and Amy Duggar recently spoke out on a podcast about how she knows she can't talk to her cousins about Hollywood movies. We'd think something like Cars would fall into that category. Then again, it seems like Jill lets her kids watch Paw Patrol, another mainstream cartoon. So maybe this family's rules aren't as strict as we thought.