Considering how many kids the Duggar family has, it’s probably easy for some of the younger kids like Johannah or Jordyn to be forgotten. But fans are concerned that some of the little Duggars get the shaft more than the rest. And, to be honest, we can’t say we’re totally surprised. With 19 kids — 20 if you include Tyler Duggar — it’s got to be hard to give everyone the attention they need and deserve. But, uh, that’s why most people don’t have more than a dozen and a half kids. Sure, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have a pseudo third parent in Jana Duggar — and all the older kids have helped raise the younger ones to some degree. But for little Jordyn-Grace Duggar, some fans think they’re simply not doing enough.

Is Jordyn the forgotten Duggar daughter?

Last month, Jordyn, the second youngest Duggar, turned nine years old. Her birthday was on the 18th, and her younger sister, Josie, turned eight on December 10th. In case you’ve forgotten, Josie Duggar is the miracle baby born three and a half months premature — so her birthday is understandably a pretty big deal every year, considering how traumatizing her actual birth day must have been. In fact, Josie gets so much attention from her parents that some fans even suspect she’s Michelle’s favorite. And when the family went out to get ice cream to celebrate the girls in mid-December, the /r/CountingOn subreddit was already bracing for them to forget about Jordyn in the wake of celebrating Josie.

“At least cousin Amy remembers Jordyn has a birthday too,” one user wrote, sharing the pic after the Duggars shared their traditional birthday post for Josie. There were still a few days until Jordyn’s birthday, and fans were quick to point that out, but most admitted that Josie does tend to get more attention. “They are probably waiting until it is Jordyn’s ‘real’ birthday,” another fan wrote. “But there is just such a history of the poor girl being overshadowed by Josie. It breaks my heart and I don’t even know the kid. I want to adopt her as an ‘unofficial niece’ and spoil her with love and attention.”

When Jordyn’s actual birthday rolled around, another /r/CountingOn post popped up: “Will somebody PLEASE wish Jordyn a happy birthday?” another fan wrote. “It’s mid-afternoon and still no happy birthday post for Jordyn. Because something always seems to be more important than Jordyn. The story of her poor, lost life,” they added. Not only was there not a birthday post up by the mid-afternoon, the Duggars had actually posted about something else: Joe and Kendra’s pregnancy announcement. Yep, Jordyn’s birthday was overshadowed once again — and this time by an announcement that could’ve been made any other day of the week.

“Wouldn’t whoever announced Jendra’s pregnancy have known that today is Jordyn’s birthday?” wrote a fan. “Common sense would tell them to delay announcing it for 2 days till Wednesday or the end of the week. But I guess we can wish her if her family can’t. Happy birthday Jordyn!” Another added, “Happy Birthday, Jordyn. Someone who doesn’t give AF should go post that on the Duggar Facebook video link about Jendra.” By the time Jordyn’s birthday post did finally pop into everybody’s social media feeds, it was dinner time. And fans noticed another weird thing.

“I wonder if they’ve seen comments surrounding how they ‘forgot’ her birthday because her b-day message seems longer than normal lol albeit the same generic stuff,” wrote one viewer. “Could this be any more generic?” commented another, with a third adding, “Or demonstrate a total lack of concern? They literally didn’t post it until darned near her bedtime. They probably had to edit Josie out of all her pictures.”

Others took a close read at the birthday message itself. Though it was way longer than most of the Duggars’ birthday wishes, it also focused on how good of a “helper” Jordyn is — something they didn’t say about Josie. “I feel so sorry for Jordyn. It’s always about serving and helping ‘Mommy’ because that’s the only time she spends with her kids is when they’re helping her,” they wrote. “Great, they lifted this straight from Cinderella.”

But one eagle-eyed fan noticed the strangest thing of all. The initial message the Duggars posted was way shorter at first. If you check the edit history for the message, the Duggars initially wrote, “Happy 9th birthday to our sweet Jordyn-Grace!! You bring so much joy to our home and to our family! The Lord has great and mighty plans for your life and we can’t wait to see these unfold. We love you very very much, sweetie!” It was only 20 minutes later that they went back into the post and beefed it up to seem more personal and caring — though some fans clearly don’t think it did the trick.

The family celebrated Jordyn’s birthday, but it looks like she had to share that, too. And it seemed like she didn’t have that much fun, either. A video from the evening showed the Duggar daughter looking extremely uncomfortable. It even had some fans wondering if there was something darker going on.

But in a house with that many kids, in-laws, and grandkids, can anyone ever expect to have their birthday fully to themselves? Or is Jordyn just doomed to be the next Joy, who fans also thought was overlooked until she got married, secured her place on the TV show, and started pumping out kids of her own? It can’t be easy being one of the little Duggar kids — but it seems like Jordyn has it tougher than the others. We’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for her in the future.

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