Not meant to be. Any chance of a reconciliation – even a “simple friendship” – between former TLC stars Jon Gosselin and Kate Gosselin is “very slim,” a source tells In Touch exclusively.

“Jon would do it if he thought in some way it would help the kids to all be together,” the insider shares. “Kate hasn’t made that an option.”

Jon, 45, and Kate, 47, divorced in 2009 and a strained dynamic between the family quickly formed. While Jon eventually gained custody of sextuplets Hannah and Collin and twins Cara and Mady, the remaining sextuplets – Leah, Alexis, Joel and Aaden – remained with Kate.

“Jon would love it if Hannah and Collin were able to have a good relationship with their mother,” the source adds. “He has always wanted everyone to get along, the kids to all spend time together, and to coparent, but when it comes to Kate that was never an option.”

On Monday, November 28, Collin, 18, opened up about his estranged relationships with his mother and siblings in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, revealing it would be “ideal” to reconnect with Kate. Noting that his mother’s decision to send him to a behavioral institution drove a final wedge between them, Collin further expressed that his childhood onscreen was anything but normal.

 “Jon would love it if Kate saw Collin’s interview and apologized to Collin for what has transpired but he’s not holding his breath,” the source continues. 

The insider adds that “Jon wants both Hannah and Collin to choose their own paths in life” and the father of eight “wants nothing more than for Collin to be happy.”

“Collin has worked hard on himself and truly has a bright future,” the source says. “At such a young age Collin has learned to rise above the pain he’s been put through and just hopes that he can one day reunite with his brothers and sisters.”

Jon and Kate Gosselin’s Chances of Reconciling Are ‘Slim’ More Than Decade After Nasty Divorce

An additional insider previously told In Touch that Kate is “open” to reconciling with Collin. However, the former Jon and Kate Plus 8 stars still have their past issues to work through.

 “She is still bitter over things he has said about her,” the insider explained of Collin’s past comments about the I Just Want You To Know author. “He is her child, and she loves him regardless, but she can be very spiteful. Once you cross her it is difficult to recover.” 

A rep for Jon Gosselin did not immediately respond to In Touch’s request for comment.

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