Now that the initial excitement of Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo‘s pregnancy announcement has died down, fans are trying to figure out the answer to one of the nagging questions surrounding the Duggar family — why did Jinger wait so long to get pregnant? Unlike the rest of her married sisters, Jinger did not get pregnant immediately after tying the knot with her hubby in November 2016, and since it took her nearly a year to conceive, fans are wondering if Jinger had trouble conceiving and whether fertility issues could be to blame for her delayed pregnancy.

Fans flooded the comments section of Jinger and Jeremy’s pregnancy announcement on Instagram, and many of them congratulated the couple on waiting before starting a family. But other fans came to Jinger’s defense, pointing out that it’s rude to bring up her delayed pregnancy since no one knows if she had trouble getting pregnant.

“The ridiculous pressure they have faced, and will undoubtedly continue to face, to have children cannot have been all that pleasant. What if they have trouble conceiving, or didn’t want kids? Do you know how awful it is to be constantly questioned about when you’ll have kids? I do. But that’s really no one’s business but mine…and in this case, theirs,” one fan wrote.

One fan said she was “glad” that Jinger and Jeremy decided to wait to get pregnant, and another follower clapped back, “You don’t know why she didn’t get pregnant right away, whether it was by choice or they were having trouble for some reason or if she’s had miscarriages. Please think about that kind of comment for any pregnant woman, because some women actually want to get pregnant right away and it can be hurtful when you congratulate them for a timeline they didn’t plan on.”

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To be clear, Jinger’s reproductive health and her decision to have children is completely up to her and it’s a private matter that should only be kept between her and her husband, so she doesn’t owe anyone an answer. Congrats to the happy couple!

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